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Separable Phrasal Verbs

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Some phrasal verbs can be separated with an object, for example 'switch on the light' can also be 'switch the light on'.

Not all phrasal verbs can be separated, so it's a matter of memorising which ones can and which ones can't.

Here's a little exercise to help you along. Complete the sentences by choosing the correct option. Remember to put the verb in the correct tense.

Link: The Position of Phrasal Verbs
Link: 10 Common Phrasal Verbs

Lesson by Seb @ EC Cape Town English School

  • 1. In South Korea, people ____ when they enter a home.

  • 2. My friend is arriving from Spain, I'm going to ____ the city.

  • 3. I was offered a low-paying job, so I ____.

  • 4. Quiet! My father is asleep, don't ____.

  • 5. She was lying! She ____.

  • 6. My shop wasn't doing very well at all, I had to ____ unfortunately.

  • 7. Hey, your son took my daughter's toy! Tell him to ____ to her!

  • 8. Whenever I go clothes shopping I always need to ____ first to see if they fit me correctly.