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Some Handy (=useful) Expressions

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Pick out the correct word to go in the blank to complete the expressions with 'hand.'  The actual meaning is inside the brackets or parentheses.

This lesson was created by Evelyn Ono Vineberg, EC San Diego

Environment Vocabulary - Saving our Planet

  • 1. Could you ___ me a hand? (Could you 'help' me?)

  • 2. John had the ___ hand on the exam because he attended the study group meeting the night before. (John 'had an advantage' on the exam...)

  • 3. On the one hand, I support your opinion; on the ___ hand, I disagree with how you put your idea forward. (On the one hand, I support your opinion;'by contrast', I disagree....)

  • 4. I really wish I could help you more, but my hands are ___.(I really wish I could help you more, but 'I can't do anything'.)

  • 5. Did you get your information ___ hand? (Did you get your information 'directly from the source'?)

  • 6. The teacher asked us to hand ___ our homework at the beginning of class. (The teacher asked us to 'pass our homework to her' at the beginning of class.)

  • 7. Have you ever ___ your hand at chess? (Have you ever 'attempted to play chess'?)

  • 8. The teacher handed ___ our tests after marking them. (The teacher 'returned' our tests after marking them.)