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Talking about Weather - part 3

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Here's the third instalment of our weather words trilogy! Part two was earlier this month if you need to catch up.

Snowed in -  there is so much snow that it's impossible to leave or travel anywhere.

Flood out -  overflowing of water onto land that is normally dry.

Clear up - for the weather to become brighter after cloudy, wet weather.

Pick up - to increase; to get stronger worse.

Rained out - when heavy rain stops a planned activity from happening.

Missing Weather Words

What words do you think are missing to complete these sentences. Write you answers in the comments section. The asnswers are just below the five sentences.

  1. It has been pouring down all day. I wish it would ___ ___.
  2. If the river breaks its banks, the villagers will be ___ ___.
  3. Because of the storms, a number of football matches ___ ___ ___.
  4. The wind is starting ___ ___ ___ . We'd better bring in the washing before it blows away!
  5. The students were ___ ___ after a sudden heavy downpour of snow.

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Match the weather explanation with the most logical consequence:

  • 1. We were snowed in.

  • 2. We were flooded out.

  • 3. It cleared up later on.

  • 4. A strong wind picked up.

  • 5. The match was rained out.