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Weather Words

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A while ago we had a lesson on weather phrasal verbs. Today we look at 4 more verbs (plus one noun) we use to talk about weather.

When you have finished, write your own sentences using today's 5 new words.

5 Weather Terms

1. let up - (verb) to stop or improve.

2. flood out - (verb) having to leave a home or place because of a flood.

3. pour down - (verb) to rain heavily.

4. blow over - (verb) to become less strong and then end.

5. downpour - (noun) a very heavy period of rain.

Choose the correct vocabulary to complete each sentence:

  • 1. The weather was dreadful. We were there for a week and the storms just never ___!

  • 2. We were ___ twice in our tent and ended up staying in a hostel.

  • 3. It just ___every day, I didn’t think it’s was going to stop raining.

  • 4. It was just one heavy ___after another.

  • 5. Then one day we thought the storms had ___, so we climbed one of the highest peaks in the area.