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Ten Verb Tense Review Questions

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Get ready for some verb tense review. Put the verb in brackets into the correct tense by thinking about the context of the sentence and, of course, being careful with the spelling. Only use one word per box.

Anyone who get's 10/10 should stand up and shout "I must be a genius!" in a loud voice!

Enjoy the weekend.

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  • 1- (SEE): I'm really looking forward to you.
  • 2 - (TAKE): Who has my cup?
  • 3 - (BEGIN): Work has finally on the new road.
  • 4 - (Think): Are you about what I said?
  • 5 - (SEE): No, we didn't the report.
  • 6 - (TRAVEL): I'll never by boat again.
  • 7 - (KNOW): We that it was time to go.
  • 8 - (RING): The teacher the bell 2 minutes ago.
  • 9 - (SWIM): Have you ever in the ocean?
  • 10 - (Come): They're to speak to you about it.