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The core four - elementary plus

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Here’s another letter from Caroline, followed by a true of false exercise to test your understanding. Enjoy!

I have a group of friends who I have been close with since high school. There are four of us and we still make an effort to see each other as often as possible, even though we are all doing different things. Well, I live with Philippa but Mike lives on the other side of London and at the moment, Glyn lives in Chichester. We get on really well and I feel so lucky to have them in my life. I don’t think I ever laugh as much as when I’m with them.

Yesterday, we had one of our regular events and all met up in London for the day. We are all a little bit poor at the moment so we planned events that were as cheap as possible. First, we went to the Science Museum in South Kensington, which is free! The science museum has all kinds of exciting things, like actual space rockets and animal brains. Unfortunately, while Philippa and I were fascinated, the boys were bored! So we decided to get some lunch in Leicester Square, then walked along the river to the Tate Modern and spent some time looking at the free exhibitions there. Philippa really liked the Andy Warhol paintings and I enjoyed the photography.

The next part of the day was my favourite. Some of Mike’s friends are actors and are currently performing in ‘A comedy of Errors’ at The Globe. So, for only five pounds, we went to the famous open air theatre and watched the show. It was absolutely hilarious; I didn’t even mind that I had to stand up for two hours! I really love Shakespeare and based my dissertation on his play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in my final year of university.

After this, we went for drinks close to our flat. It was such a lovely day and I have some excellent photos so I will always remember it. I can’t wait for our next gathering!

  • 1. Philippa, Caroline, Glyn and Mike have known each other since they were children.

  • 2. Glyn doesn't live in London.

  • 3. Philippa and Caroline thought the science museum was very interesting.

  • 4. Philippa liked the photography at the Tate best.

  • 5. Even though the play was good, I got annoyed because my legs hurt from standing.

  • 6. After the play, we went for drinks close to the theatre.