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The different uses of like

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In English, the word like is flexible and has many uses. Can you tell the difference in meaning when it is used in a variety of questions?

Match these answers to the questions below. Don't type in the whole answer, only use the letters shown.

a - Much better, the operation was a success.
b - Playing cricket, rugby and girls.
c - No, he’s usually very easy-going.
d - A hamburger, please.
e - Great. They enjoyed their time there.
f - It’s a beautiful painting of a sunset.
g - She’s a stunner.
h - Very nice. A day for the beach, I’d say.
i - Both sweet and sour. I like it.
j - He’s about 6.9 m tall. Very cute.

Today's lesson is by Adele, EC Cape Town English language school

Link: Hobbies

  • 1 - What does Arthur look like?
  • 2 - What does Marc-Lee like?
  • 3 - What would you like?
  • 4 - How is Marcio?
  • 5 - What’s Nasreen like?
  • 6 - What was it like?
  • 7 - What does it look like?
  • 8 - What’s the weather like?
  • 9 - What’s it like?
  • 10 - Is he always like this?