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Three-part phrasal verbs

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An exercise on three-part phrasal verbs and discussion topics on celebrities

Three-part phrasal verbs Definitions
get away with To escape blame or punishment
come up with To contribute, for example a suggestion, plan or idea
look up to To admire someone
look forward to To be excited about something in the future
put up with To endure
live up to To fulfil
get up to To become involved in, for example mischief
keep up with To strive to be on equal terms with the common trend, for example fashion
look down on To disrespect or disregard
get away from To take a short break, to leave and be able to separate oneself from one’s environment for a short time
get off with To form a romantic, or sexual, relationship with someone, especially quickly (informal)

First match the three-part phrasal verbs with their correct definitions. You only need to type in a, b, c and so on in the spaces.

  1. got away with
  2. came up with
  3. look up to
  4. look forward to
  5. put up with
  6. lived up to
  7. get up to
  8. keep up with
  9. look down on
  10. get away from
  11. got off with

Now answer the questions below with your own opinions.

Link: 10 Common Idioms

Lesson by Danica Steyn, teacher at EC Cape Town English school

  • 1- Could Michael Jackson be someone we can ___? Explain your answer.
  • 2- Do you know of a celebrity who ___ crime?
  • 3- Do you think Richard Branson ___ his dreams? How?
  • 4- What are some of the brands that he ___?
  • 5- Who are some of the famous women that Brad Pitt ___?
  • 6- Do you feel sorry for celebrities who have to ___ the paparazzi every day? Why or why not?
  • 7- What are some of the worst things that famous sport stars ___?
  • 8- What do you think are some of the ways that singers, like Madonna, ___ the latest music trends?
  • 9- Do you know of some film stars who ___ each other? What could be the reason for this?
  • 10- If you could invite a celebrity for dinner, who would it be and why? Would it be something that you will ___?
  • 11- If you were famous, how would you ___ all the pressure and attention for a short while?