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Top English lessons - September

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Here are the top five most taken lessons on https://www.ecenglish.com/learnenglish for last month. I hope that you have taken / will take them all.


1 - Review Verb Tenses

(Lesson added: 3 August, 2009)

A great basic review of different verb tenses:


2 - '-ed' and '-ing' adjectives: describing feelings and things

(Lesson added: 11 July, 2008)

Information that will help you out with those tricky adjective endings:


3 - Using Question Tags

(Lesson added: 1 August, 2009)

Question tags are important, aren't they? You should check out this lesson, shouldn't you?:


4 - Reading: Beyonce

(Lesson added: 1 Augeust, 2009)

A reading and vocab exercise about the singer Beyonce:


5 - Listening practice: What's happening?

(Lesson added: 6 May, 2009)

Work on your listening skills and pick up some new vocab: