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Verbs + Prepositions (part 2)

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Continuing on from yesterday's lesson, let's take another look prepositions used after verbs.

Look at some more sentences that use a verb followed by a preposition. For example: talk about girls or look for a babysitter. Choose the correct options. Good luck!

  • 1. The boy was really angry with his brother and threw a stone ___ him.

  • 2. When playing basketball you need to throw the ball ___ your teammates.

  • 3. I really care ___ the environment, it needs to be protected.

  • 4. Would you care ___ a cup of coffee, sir?

  • 5. Many children believe ___ Santa Claus.

  • 6. I trust my wife, so I always believe ___ her.

  • 7. I often spend money ___ video games every month.

  • 8. We need to discuss ___ the problem.

  • 9. I believe you will succeed ___ learning English.

  • 10. When I'm distracted it's difficult to concentrate ___ my work.