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Vocabulary Exercise - How well can you do?

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Todays's exercise is a what we call a 'mixed bag'. That means it has a bit of everything.  Let's begin.

OK, so you think you're good at English? Well, today we have ten tricky words and phrases that I think you've heard before. They're all common and, above that, they're all useful. Let's see how many of you can get 10/10 and let's see if I made any spelling mistakes...right, Yura?

For those of you who recognise the words, but can't remember the meanings, I suggest you review. An important part of learning English is to review the things you have learned in the past. It's just as important as learning new things.

Like I said, who can get 10/10? Tell us your score.

Note: Yura is a very helpful user of this site. She always gives feedback and points out my, frequent, spelling mistakes. Thanks, Yura!

Word Forms

Verb Collocations

  • When I have a "dozen" of something, I have how many?

  • A "leap year" is:

  • Someone who is strongly influenced by emotional feelings, especially about happy past-memories is:

  • The opposite of "danger" is:

  • Advice is a:

  • Complete the idiom:"Every ___ has a silver lining."

  • "The restuarant closes ___ midnight."

  • Feeling as if everything is spinning round and that you will fall, is called:

  • A person who sells meats is a:

  • Feeling ill after drinking too much alcohol, is a called a: