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Vocabulary - Word Forms

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Sometimes, it can be really difficult to remember how to use words which have similar meanings but different forms. For example:

Difficult - adjective - not easy to do. E.g. "That test was really difficult."
Difficulty - noun - the fact or condition of being difficult. E.g. "You can decide the level of difficulty when you play this game."

In the following sentences, which form of the missing word do you think you need?

Lesson by Caroline

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  • 1. It is always ___ to make sure all the children eat properly.

  • 2. ___, I would eat cereal for breakfast, but today I had toast.

  • 3. My brother is so ___, he never tells me anything.

  • 4. I really ___ with my students. I know how hard it can be to be away from your parents.

  • 5. Having a house in the country can be ___, because it is difficult to get anywhere.

  • 6. Anna is so ___, her life is like a soap opera.

  • 7. I think Nelson Mandela is such an ___.

  • 8. Please put the plates back ___.

  • 9. Did he ___ well to the medicine?

  • 10. Please could you ___ this sentence for me?