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Where should I go?

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Each of these people has a problem and needs to go to one of the buildings in town. Which building or place should they go to?

A. hospital
B. bank
C. post office
D. pharmacy
E. supermarket
F. library
G. train station
H. restaurant
I. park

Steve: I’m going on holiday and I want to put some money in my savings.
Kate: I need to go and buy my ticket.
Holly: I haven’t got any more medicine
Mike: I need to send Christmas cards to my family in South Africa.
James: I feel really, really sick.
Millie: I haven’t read a good book in ages!
Ella: I am so hungry!
Glyn: I need to buy the ingredients for dinner tonight.
Hannah: It’s such a beautiful day, I want to sunbathe!

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  • Steve:

  • Kate:

  • Holly:

  • Mike:

  • James:

  • Millie:

  • Ella:

  • Glyn:

  • Hannah: