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Word of the day: Shambles

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If you describe something as a shambles, it is a disorganized mess. The original meaning of ‘shamble’, however, was a bench. Years ago, butchers would set up their benches down the side of a street in order to sell their meat – in fact, many roads in England where this practice used to take place still retain the name of ‘Shambles Road’. The problem was that the butchers used to throw their offal and rotten meat in the street, which, as you can imagine, resulted in an awful mess. Hence the meaning of the word today!

Noun: Shambles

Adjective: Shambolic

Adverb: Shambolically

"The way these files are arranged is the biggest shambles I've ever seen!"
"The economy is in a shambles."
"George made dinner and left the kitchen a shambles."

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  • 2 - "I've never seen such a ___ in my life!

  • 3 - "He's always been ___ dressed."

  • 4 - "She said that the conference had been ___ organised.

  • 5 - "Let's use the ___ mess of a report that my boss wrote."

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