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Pronunciation s/ z / iz

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Pronunciation is so important when we are trying to communicate.

Incorrect pronunciation can make a simple word difficult to understand!

Below are three commonly mispronounced sounds.

Put the words below into their correct pronounciation.


/s/ = talks

/z/ = does

/iz/ = loses


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This lesson was requested by Ozi_Hibz, I hope it will be useful for many of you!

Here is a brief explanation of a few elements of punctuation in English, full-stops and commas.

Take this apostrophe quiz!

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If there is one thing that English speakers can all agree on, it's our dislike of apostrophes. We often find them confusing even though the rules that govern them are fixed. The English city of Birmingham has banned the use of apostrophes from all of its street signs because people found them "too confusing"!

Let's see how well you can use apostrophes with this completely fantastic quiz!

the importance of punctuation

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Don’t think that punctuation is important?

Then take a look at this sentence:


How to use 'contractions'

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How to sue contractions

'I've got a new TV. You've seen it, haven't you?'

In spoken English and casual written English, contractions are very common. In these words the apostrophe    ( ) tells us that letters are missing.

How to use 'whose' and ' who's'

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 Whose bag is this?

'Whose/who's bag is this?'

How to use 'Its' or 'It's'

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Its confusing, or it's confusing?

Do you know when we should use its and it’s?


The word it's is always used as a short form of it is.

‘It’s a red umbrella.’