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Learn English Verbs

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Let's take a look at some English verbs. Read through the seven sentences and choose the verb that best completes each sentence.


General Quiz - Time to review!

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Here's a quiz to test your general knowledge of English. If you get any of these questions wrong, let us know which ones and we'll explain the answers. Don't be shy, leave your comments below:

Link: 10 vocabulary questions

Words that show the wrong position

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upside-down / wrong-way-up

When something is upside-down or wrong-way-up, the part which is usually at the top is turned to be at the bottom.

 The house is upside down / wrong way up.

wrong-way-round / back-to-front

When something is wrong-way-round or back-to-front it is facing the wrong way.

What does 'bet' mean?

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bet (verb): to risk money on the result of an event or a competition, such as a horse race, in the hope of winning more money:
"She bet $10 that her favourite horse would win the race, but it came third."

13-year-old dad UPDATE!

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A while ago we posted a lesson on a news story that was _1_ the UK.  Just to _2_, the story was about a British boy who at the age of 13 became a father.

You can see the original lesson here:

Bank English

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Using the phrase I'd like to, here are some phrases that will help you out in the bank:

The stuff you need to know about stuff!

Average: 1.6 (225 votes)

Word Forms - Can you get them all correct?

Average: 3.7 (32 votes)

To learn English well it's important to review often. Take a look at the sentences and choose the correct form for each. It's all basic stuff...right?

Go! Go! Go!

Link: Choose the correct word form

Learn English Words

Average: 3.5 (46 votes)

Another chance for you to learn some new, English words. All you have to do is, decide which word has the closet meaning to the key-word.

Link: Verb Tense Review


Bring vs. Take

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What's the difference between take and bring?

A lot of English learners have a problem with this. Here's the answer:


We ask people to bring things to the place where we are. Bring is used in relation to a destination:

"Bring some food to the party at my house."