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Quick Tip - How to use Either and Neither

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Compare the following comparative sentences:

"I'd like to go to either Spain or Italy."

"The problem is I have neither time nor money.'

Is it a Noun or an Adjective?

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"He finished the race with ease."

"He finished the race with easy."

Which is correct?

I hope you said ease because the noun form is needed in this sentence (easy is an adjective).

Take a look at the following ten sentences. What's missing in each one: a noun or an adjective?

Improve your vocabulary!

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Let's try a synonym quiz. Take a look at the following sentences. Choose the words which has the closest meaning to the keywords. This is a great way to review and improve your English language skills.

Antonyms - what's the opposite?

Culture Lesson: 'White Day' in Japan

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Cultural Lesson: Friday 13!

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Superstition tells us that Friday 13 is an unlucky day.

There are many different theories why people think this is a bad day.

One common belief is talked about in the Dan Brown's bestselling book 'The Da Vinci Code'.

The book states that there once existed a rich and powerful group called the Templar Knights, who protected pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land.

In the news: Germans prefer internet to love!

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How to use During, For and While

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The prepositions during, for, and while are often used with time time expressions. Let's take a look at the difference in usage between during, for, and while.

Learn word forms!

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Hello everyone! Here we're going to show you a good way to learn new words. Let's start with  the word energy as an example. As you probably know energy is a noun and that is means 'the source of power or strength'. A quick way to build up word bank of English words is to identify the other forms of this word:

How to use Myself and Yourself!

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'We took the horses out by ourselves.'

Prepositions Test

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Take a look at the ten sentences below. You will notice that each one is missing a preposition. Choose which one is correct for each sentence.

Prepositions are used before nouns, noun phrases or pronouns, connecting them to other words.