A unique school exclusively for those aged 30 years and over

Before Arriving in Malta 30+

At a Glance

Your EC experience starts long before your first day at school; from the moment you book your course, we'll be there to help you prepare for student life in the best and smoothest possible way.

We know that just the thought of arriving in a new country can be stressful, especially if you are travelling alone for the first time. That is why we are there to guide and support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At any point during your arrival or stay you can call us on our emergency telephone number (you will be given this number when you book your course). We will make your arrival a straightforward and stress-free experience.

EC Online

EC Online is your first big step in making your arrival as simple as possible. Our system is a personalised study tool and powerful learning companion you can use throughout your EC journey. You will have access to EC Online as soon as you receive your booking confirmation. On EC Online you can:

• Access study materials to start learning before you leave home
• Complete your placement test before you arrive (saving you time on your first day)
• Fill in the pre-arrival survey so we can better understand your needs and expectations

If you have already booked your course, you may start by logging in here: https://signin.ecenglish.com/student

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Arriving at your destination

At the airport

If you have booked an airport transfer, it is important that all arrival information is sent to EC as soon as possible. After landing, make your way to the Arrivals Lounge to meet an EC representative who will be holding an EC sign. If you do not see the orange EC logo, then just walk to the Airport Information desk and call our emergency number which you can find in your booking information. The EC representative will then take you to your accommodation.

At the accommodation

Whether you've booked a homestay or residence, you'll always receive a warm, personal welcome. All our hosts are fully briefed on how to make you feel comfortable and prepared for your first day of lessons. At our residences, an EC representative will be available at the weekend to help you with anything you need and answer any questions.

What to expect

EC Online

A unique online study tool and powerful companion throughout your EC experience.

Warm Welcome

You will receive a warm, personal welcome whether you have booked homestay or residence.

Arrival Activities

We plan fun activities for the weekend before your first day at school, so you can meet other new EC students.

Welcome Event

Enjoy an opportunity to break the ice on a welcome event together with fellow students and EC staff.

Your First Day at School

Experience the best possible welcome into the EC family from day one. Enjoy undivided staff attention in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and receive your timetable together with all the school information you need on the day.

Speaking & Writing Test

Following up your placement test on EC Online, you will do the remaining parts, writing and speaking.

'How We Learn' Talk

You will participate in a session on how you will succeed with EC, including insight regarding our teaching styles and methods.

Welcome Activity

You are invited to join one of our EC staff members to enjoy the welcome event somewhere around the city.


You might be excited about your first day, but please don't forget to take the following to school with you:

  • Booking Confirmation Documents: For registration
  • Credit Card: For accommodation damage deposit if you book an EC residence
  • Pen and paper: For making notes