Learn English in the heart of the Mediterranean

Malta Travel Guide

If you’re looking for a taste of why Malta is a Mediterranean gem, then you have come to the right place.

Find out what makes Malta famous, take a look at some of its popular sights and discover how to spend your time in and around the city.

Typically Mediterranean

Sun, sea, scenic views and all you would expect to find on a Mediterranean island.

The seaside

Take a swim, practise some water sports, or relax on one of the many rocky or sandy beaches lining the coast.

Cultural events

Don't miss the traditional Maltese feasts or festivals, known as 'festas' - there will be lots for you to choose from.


Malta is steeped in history: from grand prehistoric temples, old and new cities, to quaint villages and majestic churches.

Public Holidays on a Weekday

  • 10 Feb
  • 31 Mar
  • 14 Apr
  • 01 May
  • 07 Jun
  • 29 Jun
  • 15 Aug
  • 08 Sep
  • 21 Sep
  • 8 Dec
  • 13 Dec
  • 25 Dec

Useful information


Free hospital emergency treatment is available for European travellers on production of a valid European Health Insurance card (EHIC). All other nationals are advised to have a comprehensive health insurance.

Smoking laws

The legal age for smoking in Malta is 16 years. Smoking in enclosed public places is illegal.

Drinking Age

The legal age for consumption of alcohol in Malta is 17.

Driving Age

The minimum driving age is 18. The minimum age of renting a car is 21 even though some car hire companies may charge a supplement for those drivers under the age of 25 years. 

Costs of Living

  • €0.72

    1 litre of milk

  • €0.80

    2 litres of water

  • €0.75

    A loaf of bread

  • €3.00

    Big Mac

  • €1.00

    Can of Coke

  • €7.00


  • €1.30

    Coffee in a café

  • €15

    Cost of sim card

  • Free

    Entrance to clubs

  • €3.50


  • €15.00

    Average 2 course meal