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FN.12 - Advice

Asking for advice

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Summer's officially here in Europe and rest of the northern hemisphere. In Malta the weather's amazing and there are already plenty of tourists around soaking up the sun and relaxing on the beaches.

When you arrive in a new place it's always a good idea to ask the locals for advice on the best things to see and do. Maltese people are exceptionally friendly and more than happy to give visitors advice. If you ever come here, don't be shy to ask for a recommendation!

How to give advice

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An Agony Aunt is a newspaper writer who answers questions and offers advice on personal problems to people who write in. Take a look at this example letter and then write your own advice. There's also a vocabulary exercise to do.
(Lesson by David, EC London English School)

Agony Aunt Letter:

Dear Abby,

Where should I go?

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Each of these people has a problem and needs to go to one of the buildings in town. Which building or place should they go to?

Use Should to give advice - Elementary Level

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In English should and shouldn’t (should not) are used to give advice. Type in the correct  word for each sentence.

Today's lesson is from Sebastian E'Silva, EC Cape Town English language school.

Link: Auxilary Verbs

How to become a better writer

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Hi guys,


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'Shall we go?'

Shall is a word which is commonly used in British English, but rarely in American English.
Shall can be used in a number of contexts:


Shall is often used with 'I' or 'we' instead of will:

'I shall call you later.'
'We shall talk about it tomorrow.'

Giving advice

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Here are some ways which we can give give advice or make recommendations:

For example, imagine that your friend is worried that she is getting fat. She asks you for some advice. You can respond using the following phrases:

How to advise someone (not) to do something

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Uncle Bob would like anyone who will sit down long enough to listen to believe that he is plagued by the most unbelievable misfortune known to man. Think of any possible problem the universe can inflict upon humankind and you can rest assured that Uncle Bob has been through it and survived to tell the tale. And he will tell the tale. Again. And again and again until you find yourself unconsciously clutching a butter knife with murder in mind.