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G.20.3 - Prepositional phrases (place & time)

Prepositions of Place

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A preposition is a word that connects one thing with another, showing how they are related.

Some prepositions tell you about position or place.

For example:

"There is a big balloon in the sky."

"Jane is jumping into the pool."

Put the following prepositions in the spaces below:

Prepositions of time and place - Elementary/Pre-intermediate

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Complete the following sentences using the correct preposition. Use  a dash "-" when you think that no preposition is needed.

Good luck!

Lesson by Adele, EC Cape Town English language school

Link: Prepositions In, On, At

Between and Among

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Here we take a look at the prepositions of place between and among. We'll look at how to use them and the difference between them.


Between means 'in or into the space which separates at least two places, people or objects.'