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G.22.2 - Wider range (e.g. all, none, not (any), enough, (a) few)

Quantifiers: A bottle of wine

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Quantifiers are used to express quantity i.e. the amount of something; how many/much.

With countable nouns like apples, for example, we can ask and answer:

How many apples do you want?
I want four apples.

Notice we use many with countable nouns.

Quantifiers with non-countable nouns

Now let's take a look at a non-countable noun: wine.

How to use Enough?

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How to use ‘enough’ with adjectives and nouns – Pre-intermediate

I have £10 and I want to buy this car:

Unfortunately this car costs £100,000

I don’t have enough money. The car is very expensive and I will never be rich enough to buy it.