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Your Top 5 Tips for Learning English

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Some time ago we asked the  readers of our newsletter to send in their top English learning tips. In no particular order, here is what our readers said. We hope these will help you with your English. A big thank you to everyone who sent in their tips.

  • In my opinion, every single person has her / his own way to learn English.

The most efficient ways to learn English

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Quick Tip - Take a test for motivation

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Quick Tip - The best way to learn English!

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The best way to learn English quickly is to jump in at the deep end!

Quick Tip - Use it or lose it!

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Try and recycle new language you learn as often and in the most memorable way you can. For example, if you study 5 new words per day, write a short story or blog including each of the new items – the more personalised and humourous, the better! You could also respond to our regular blogs for reading, writing and vocabulary practice: www.ecenglish.com/blogs/London

Quick Tip - Thinking in English

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Imagine that you started to wear your wristwatch upside-down. At first it would seem strange and it would make telling the time slower than usual. Then, after a short time, it would become natural and you'd be able to tell the time quickly. The same rule applies to thinking in English.

How to learn new words!

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