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Your Top 5 Tips for Learning English

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Some time ago we asked the  readers of our newsletter to send in their top English learning tips. In no particular order, here is what our readers said. We hope these will help you with your English. A big thank you to everyone who sent in their tips.

  • In my opinion, every single person has her / his own way to learn English.

    For me, the best way has always been watching films, cartoons, tv shows and certain tv channels like BBC or Sky news. Since I was little I watched cartoon network and despite I didn't understood a word I kept watching and now I see that it was a good thing to do :) About the films, in Portugal none of the films are translated but instead we have subtitles. That is a very good thing due to the fact that when you are younger you can associate the words said do the words on the subtitles (I always learned some new words!) and know I challenge myself by only listening to what they say and not read the subtitles!

    The second good way to learn English is to write several times the new words we learn, for instance, when I learned the colours or the numbers or even the name of our clothes, the homework was to write each new word five or ten times!! This definetly helped me a lot!

    A third good way to learn and practise our English is to talk with our friends or teacher in class! This way we can practise new vocabulary and at the same time we learn with the mistakes that we might say during our speech. And at the end we always say "I could have said that in a different and better way!".

    Next advice is to read a lot, not only books but newspapers and magazines as well! There is so much good and new vocabulary in a book that we have no idea! That's why I try to read in English at every opportunity that I have! Even if I don't understand the meaning of that word, I can understand the meaning of the sentence and by that I can try and guess what that word really means!

    Finnaly, the last but not the least, I would recomend all people learning English to go to England, to try to have a conversation with native speakers or even listen to them speak! Go shooping, go to the café, go to dinner, to a movie or even the theatre and you will see that this is for sure the best way to really learn English! You also will have the chance to discover a new culture and visit new places that you might not ever forget! =)

    Francisca Paisana

  • Dear EC team,

    Here are my 5 advices how to learn English. Hope you`ll like them.

    1. Watch a film on your national language, try to remember every dialog. If it`s necessary watch it for the second time and then download an English version. The main thing is to be attentive! This is the best way to learn everyday phrases.
    2. Find lyrics of your favorite songs in the internet, Translate them using dictionary and then sing aloud in spite of having ear. Work on your pronounce.
    3. Turn on TV, find an English channel, take pen and a paper and try to write down the information given in the creeping line. It will be difficult for the first time but finally you`ll do that! Helps to write quickly and correctly. Pay attention to your spelling! Then translate written information using dictionary.
    4. Of course you`ll have to learn grammar and read books with or without the help of teacher.
    5. Finally, I think the best way of learning English is to talk with the English, of course systematically. This will give fantastic result in a short time.

    Thanks for attention,

    Tika G

  • Dear EC Team,

    Now I tell you the best way I choose to learn English. I am not sure these are 5 advices or less but I tell you my experiences in English.

    I am in the Elementary level with lack of vocabulary since I graduated in University in Vietnam. And do you know that is very terrible for looking for a good job in Vietnam even though you are expert in your subject.

    My friend, she has talent in learning foreign language tells me should do that, do this, but it didn't attract me. One day, she went abroad with her husband and sent me a "Pippy Longstocking" because she knows both of us like reading books. I got it with full of joy and devoured this book. I had to take long time for this book with full of new words, however, I love that.

    Since that time, I recognized that the best way to learn vocabulary is read book.

    First, read children books and then move up difficult. Now, I still read children books, however, I prefer to read books for adults and some books such as "The Pride and Prejudice" That is the first experience for learning English vocabulary.

    For the grammar, yes, of course, I have to study Grammar books, however, I try to remember the whole sentences in books and try to use it in proper cases.

    For listening, I always turn on "Euromaxx" when I go back home. "Euromaxx' is one of all parts in DW-WORLD channel that belong to Germany. They show in both languages, English and German. I love this because it gives me many new ideals and much new technology. Ah, and CNN or BBC channel because they always repeat the news, so if I don't understand in the first, I can listen again next times.

    For writing, oh, because I like reading books and since I read "Pippy Longstocking" and 'Tilly Beany", I wish I wan write a book for children such as moral books or educational books. So, I practice writing sentences and sentences day by day.

    However, I convinced need helps from my teachers in EC Malta. And do you know why I choose Malta, I know I can learn English in my country, but you can image that, yes, I speak English inside school, however, when I come back home I speak Vietnamese everyday. So I will forget all English. Because that reason, I choose Malta and study here for speaking. Since I was here, in Malta, I meet so many people and they are very friendly. We talk alot and some of them become my friends. That's that. That is the best way I learn English.

    I hope you agree with me and my thought will be helpful for you who learn English.


  • 5 tips for English-learners:

    1. Define one single purpose (English for+) - you can`t possibly know a foreign language better than it`s native speakers!
    2. Don`t neglect your native language (you must know it perfectly well!) - it`s the foundation for any language you are going to study!
    3. Always learn collocations rather than separate words (make use of the surroundings of the words)!
    4. Don`t ever try to explain the inexplicable - memorize it!
    5. Ask more of yourself rather than your teacher - you are the best teacher for yourself!

    Good luck!



    1. To fall madly in love with an English.
    2. To live in a place that English is spoken for sometimes.
    3. To keep a diary in English by adding as many daily phrases as we can .
    4. To join EC schools courses. Be a friendly user to a dictionary.use is as much as possible.
    5. It teaches you a lot of vocabulary.

    Ayça Arikan,Turkey

  • Hi EC Team,

    Here are my hints or better said, the way how I try to learn English:

    1. Try to use English every day. Quantity is not as important as periodicity.
    2. Read books. There you can find common phrases which can be used in your daily life. Say them loud to remember.
    3. Listen to English broadcast. For instance BBC has lots of material. I love various how-tos and lingos. As in <2>, you are in contact with applied contemporary English.
    4. When looking for a word you do not know yet, always use more than one dictionary. My favourites are by Cambridge, Oxford, thefreedictionary.com and Longman Family Dictionary (can be accessed online, the last one is a printed book). Sometimes you can find something which is contained in only one of the dictionaries.
    5. Do not hesitate to visit an English speaking country, if you can. A week gives you more than six months at home. And trust me, I know what I am speaking about ;-)

    I hope someone finds at least one advice useful.

    Take care!

    Tomas, Czech Republic

  • Dear EC TEAM,

    There are a lot of advices to follow for learng English.

    My top five advices are as follows:

    1. You should be open to learn new things.You should spend some months at the countries where English is spoken. You can find a boyfriend or agirl friend or at least a friend whose native language is English to practise your language. You should keep a vocabulary notebook to record the words and expressions you have learned. Reading is very helpful in language learning.You should read newspapers,magazines, and books. Language learning is a process.You should revise regularly.You can record your voice while speaking English to a CD and listen and test yourself .Be your quide.

    Nilgün Arikan, Turkey

  • Good Day,

    According to my English experience as a second language I have the following advice.

    1. Be determined to learn English.
    2. Watch news in English and movies.
    3. Read.
    4. Chat and e-learning.
    5. Music.

    Have a nice day,

    Juliana Souza

  • Hello!

    In my opinion, the best ways to learn English are:

    1. Learning English in an English speaking country.
    2. Revising the grammar and the unknown words
    3. Reading books, newspapers…
    4. Keeping in touch with English speakers
    5. Watching English channels.

    Louis Schweigl

  • The best ways to learn english are:

    1. Go to an English mother tongue country.
    2. Don't be shy and try to meet a lot of people.
    3. Being a bit like a trespasser and listen to everything,everywhere,every time you have the opportunity
    4. To become a sort of devourer of food, newspapers, information...
    5. Take public means of transport and go on a trip

    Andreatta Elisa, Italy

  • Hello EC Team

    I send you these five advice to explain why a person must Know English Language

    1. If you can speak a good English you are sure to eat well in everyplace
    2. To travel easly in the world you need only to speak a good English
    3. If you want to be a person of the world you must learn English
    4. English is the Language of all the friends
    5. If you Know English you can understand the lovely English Music

    Best Regards,

    Fausto Zuliani, Italy

  • Hi, It is great to receive e-mail every month from you, because it reminds about those wonderful days that I spent in Malta. You have asked me about the best ways to learn English. Perhaps I will not be originally, but to me, for example, the best ways are:

    1. First - energetic and tactful teacher. The teacher is to be able to attract and keep attention of pupils.
    2. Secondly - comfortable conditions & environment.
    3. Then I would prefer to learn English in the group where everybody has the same level of English as me, i.e. I feel awkward when I know much less than other pupils. Then I am afraid to speak out.
    4. Of course, very useful way of learning English is joint time spending out of school.
    5. Finally, I think that very important way is not to learn speak only but how to write too or vise versa.

    Best regards,

    Elena Filippova

  • Firstly, you must learn english in a native speaking english country. For example, learning English in England. I think england is the best fit. England is the main source of english, begining. England is a cosmopolitan city, has a lot of different culture. Before learning in a foreing country, in your country, you must make a accumulation of english. Learning in a avarage English school is a good way. Watching films in English, with subtitles. Following news in English, try to understand with basic vocabulary. Reading storybooks in english,there are different levels in english study, so you must choose the right level book. Using online English learning websites, like 'About English' and 'BBC English.'There are so many things about learning English. I have been studing english using this methods for 1 year. I am going to go London next month in March. I have learnt a lot of things about English, and I know I must learn a lot.

    Ibrahim Yücedag

  • Dear friends.

    1. The best way to learn English language is to go to study in the English-speaking country and find out there good friends.
    2. The second effective way of studying English language is to get a job in the company where the knowledge of English is necessary. It is a motivational method.
    3. The third method is to fall in love with foreigner.( English-speaking).
    4. The next method is to write down new texts and words on ?? 3 recorder and listen it all free time.
    5. At last one of the best ways is to learn language together with the partner, talking as much as possible.

    Best regards,

    Fokin Vadim

  • Hi EC Team ...

    You can find the advices for the best way to learn english..

    1. To have a penpal from english speaking countries
    2. To study english at home everyday
    3. To listen to english music and find the lyrics
    4. To watch English channels and movies
    5. To read books,newspaper or magazines in English

    Best Regards,

    Muge Oztan

  • I thought that the best step to master the english language are:

    1. To love the language.
    2. To follow this love by the act(learning).
    3. To poor your interest in the subject to help the others
    4. To practise it in your life .

    I hope that I in the right straight.


    Mohammed Meddah

  • Hereunder the 5 advices:

    1. First to try to be in an English country for 6 month at least and study there during this period.
    2. To write a notebook all words sentence you have encountered.
    3. Watch English TV (Movie, news….) it is recommended to watch something with translation.
    4. When you speak the language tried to use new word that you study (of course appropriate words).
    5. To go over your notebook and see that you didn’t forget what you study.


    Ibrahim Jubran, Israel

  • Dear ECteam,

    I can advise other foreign students of English to learn better English trough:

    1. The full immersion.
    2. The reading of English texts,as easy books or newspapers.
    3. the listening to English conversations,radio or TV programmes,songs.T
    4. The practice of everyday language
    5. Finally a course in an ec-school!

    Kind regards,

    Carmela Giannico,Italy

  • Hello,

    "What are the best ways to learn English?" I think this question remains a very good one, even if it has received thousand of answers until now. Obviously, there are not "magic" advices for all of those who learn English, mostly because their native languages, their age and their skills, as learners, are so different. In my view, some of the best ways to learn English are:

    1. Having a strong motivation. I am very interested in literature, particularly in Japanese classical poetry. All my books are written in English or are translated in English. I write poetry in English. I have wonderful friends and pen pals, and English is the only way to communicate our thoughts. Being an eye doctor, it is important to me to read books and articles in English and, also, to be able to speak English with my patients, when the occasion turns up. Last but not least, English is the language of globalisation and we must accustom to this idea.
    2. Learning the grammar. One can do nothing serious without grammar, in general without knowing the rules.
    3. Using English Explanatory Dictionary& thesaurus and learning the word, its derivatives, synonyms, antonyms.
    4. Having in mind that English means reading, writing, speaking and listening, at once. In this way, one can form complex connections between neurons and can improve the learning process. It was a time when I was silent in English, like a swan. Even now I am paying this mistake. My frontal neurons are working hard but it is a long way until I will become confident.
    5. Having patience, especially the patience necessary to repeat all the time. Forgetfulness is a cruel truth. Thank you very much for your patience.

    Best wishes,

    Dana-Maria Onica,Petrosani, Romania

  • Dear EC Team

    5 Pieces of Advice for Learning English:

    1. Try watching movies and tv programmes, and listening to the radio, in English. Don't be discouraged if you can't understand everything first time, the more you listen the more you will understand. With movies on video, if you find it difficult, don't try to watch everything at once; watch a little at a time, checking any new words in your dictionary.
    2. Read newspaper and magazine articles that interest you. Write down any new or difficult words. Try to guess what you think they mean from how they are used. Check the meanings in a dictionary.
    3. Listen to songs. Follow the lyrics sheet that often comes with a CD. Try to write the lyrics of a song only by listening to it; you'll probably need to listen several times with many pauses. (The lyrics of many songs can be found on the Internet, try starting with a search engine such as Google, Yahoo.
    4. Write reviews of movies you've seen, restaurants you've eaten at etc. Describe them and say what you liked - and didn't like about them.
    5. Speak to as many English people as possible; if you see English people in your country, say hello and ask if they need any help.

    Best Regards,

    Ylle Blakqori


    1. English is like a drug-once you try it, you can't stop taking it!
    2. Everyone knows how important it is to know English nowadays, so if you want to be a part of the "World" you gotta know it's language.
    3. To participate in learning English, all you need is will and consistance
    4. Knowing English is as important as knowing how to meet people
    5. Learn English now or regret later!

    Petra Becker


    1. You should take some article in english and have to read it 20 times and repeat 2 days... and then you have to tell over yourself. The article must be interesting for you!
    2. For instance, if you were learning inglish grammar (continius - may be) you should take several different sentences and diclension them.
    3. It's nessesary to read several english stories. Fairytales,papers, books, and then write summary after reading, listen some english program by tv, radio, mp3. CD, and to see regular english club .
    4. To have wishes to study english
    5. Eevery day some times study english,

    Sadykova Kuralay

  • 5 pieces of advice...

    1. Search a penpal (which can speak english or is a english native speaker) and write longe English letters. -->Therefore you`ll have a good English writing training all over the year.
    2. Read some poems, books & the Ec school- newsletter ;D if you don`t really like to read some big english books you can also buy a english cooking or baking book and practice your english with a lot of fun. --> Therefore you`ll learn a lot of new words and expressions.
    3. If you are a tv watcher, try to watch the news on a english channel(for example BBC). But if it`s too hard to understand for you watch a soap because they speak a very common English which is easier to understand. Therefore you`ll see a lot of ordinary situations with the english language sound and you have a daily practice. You`ll see that your speaking is going well very soon..
    4. Look for a English native speaker to make a language exchange. If you don`t find someone you can also go to another cours like a yoga or a dance cours which is teaching in English. (to find a cours I would search in the internet or have a look in the newspaper advertisments) Therefore you`ll practice your hearing and speaking in English. You learn to communicate with other people which is one of the most important things!
    5. At the end the most important thing and it`s not quite easy at the beginning. Try to control your head to think in English!! Maybe it sounds strange for you but I can promise you that it`s the best way to learn english. But not only think in english it`s also very important that if you don`t know a word check it out in a dictionary.

    Therefore you`re going to have a big treasury of words and you`ll see that your English is come true very soon!! I hope that my 5 pieces of advice can be useful for you and that you can practice them with a lot of fun!


    Claudia Suter,Switzerland

  • 5 advice

    1. Role playing
    2. Interactive exercises
    3. Examples
    4. Activities
    5. Practicing opportunities

    Popi Psillaki, Greece

  • The five pieces of advice are as follows:

    1. Trying joining any training course.
    2. Building basic vocabulary with their English definition and use them in sentences.
    3. Reading more articles at slow speed and pay more concentration.
    4. Listening to the BBC.
    5. Practicing (speech face to face).

    Best regard.

    Faiz Farsi

  • OK guys, here are a few tips to enhance your english capabilities...It works for me!

    1. Read, read lots. It's fun to do and you also pick cultural facts, history, slang. All depending on what you are reading though.
    2. Listen to music. Again, pretty fun and no trouble at all. There's no - I have no time excuse here- You can listen to music while you're getting to work or to school. It's learning and familiarizing without effort.
    3. Watching movies and tv. shows if you have the chance. It works like reading!
    4. If you have a friend or a co-worker who happens to speak english, then tell him/her to talk to you in english sometimes. Maybe you won't understand all, but you can pick little things up. Just like a small child would when he/she is learning his/her language.
    5. Use what you know. Even if you're not confident about your english knowledge or pronunciation or whatever it is. If you keep listening to yourself you'll notice your errors and can practice a better way to communicate.

    Alma Rates

  • Top 5 pieces of advice for learning English:

    1. Listening to English songs and check out the lyrics and sing along
    2. Watch movies with English sub-titles
    3. Get to know some pen pals by sending letters in English on a regular basis
    4. Write diaries/blog in English
    5. Read a few pages of Thesaurus every day and look for more synonyms to expand our power of vocabulary

    Michelle Lai, Hong Kong, China


    2. Listening to English songs
    3. Labelling objects around you
    4. Learning by heart at least ten English words a day
    5. Stuying English Grammar in practice
    6. Speaking with an English mother tongue person.

    I think these are 5 good ponts to learn English.

    Milena Privitera

  • The five tips are :

    1. Reading books and novels and newspapers
    2. Watch movies documents cartoons in english cause this help in the speaking
    3. Buy books of grammar and and learn the first rools of English
    4. Speak english in your house and repeat the hard words in a high voice
    5. Go in chat rooms and get the difficult words and put them in a note book

    Hamza, Algeria

  • Dear friends,

    My advice:

    1. Come to Malta on summer
    2. Study at EC from the morning to the afternoon for every day
    3. Go to the EC beach with other EC students
    4. Go to the party tonight
    5. And of course speak, speak and speak English with very friendly people everywhere!

    Best regards,

    Tatiana Otreshko

  • I have a long learning English period. So, I have some experiences about how to learn English well . I think, 5 tips to learning English well are:

    1. You shouldn't think you probably ' don't have a talent for language'. This is a nonsense. The fact that you speak your mother tongue freely is a proof that you can acquire any other language.You need a sincere interest in what you are doing or better you need a thirst for knowledge.you will only learn if your subconscious mind is ready to learn. Necessarily, you must be confident, strong, active and stick to practicing English because it takes you much time to gain success.
    2. You should learn foundation well and surely. How? You need practice more and more. You do workbook frequently, read many basic grammar English books many times, practice listening some simple sentences every earlier morning. You can write some paragraphs , some phrase about you, your family,friend, school...
    3. You need choose a good and attractive courses with native or experienced teachers. This is important. The teacher who teach you grammar, vocabulary,slangs,phrases, idioms...will help you have a correct knowledge and correct your mistakes in writing, reading immediatelyYou can remember fast and you can give your idea, discuss with your teacher and explain your understanding
    4. You need make an naturally English environment. It means you can watch completely American television, radio, cartoon, read interesting books in English, surf web, read many articles , science reports or news online on web. I reveal that i often find information in many fields of life on Internet. I like looking for many articles and advices about health, diet, vitamin, cooking , anything i like.This is very easy to do.You don't know when you read fluently, you very interest and learn both English and lifestyle. The reading will be helpful in shortening the distance between you and other people in the world. You will have many opinions, advices from all over the world. Your level will be increased.Your reading will be motivated. In a short time, you will see the changes.
    5. Finally , remember that there is a lot that you don't know. You must learning hard , always practice and improve your understanding about vocabulary. You should talk everyday about work, troubles, happiness or what you hate, you like , about who you love like your mother, father, yourself...

    Dang Thanh Tam

  • Dear The EC Team,

    Here are my top 5 pieces of advice for learning english

    1. Live a country which speaks english like UK.
    2. Talk with native english speakers.
    3. Study and review phrases.
    4. Listen to understandable english everyday, to learn english with our ears for pronunciation.
    5. Watch english movies, TV shows, audio books, stories, and talk radio shows.

    Best Regards,

    Ali Riza Bahar, Kuwait

  • 5 best ways to learn English for me.... It is very difficult question

    1. First of all I think - you need find the reason. Why do you want to study foreign language? And then it will be ?asier for you to realise it As for me - it was very effective to find pen friends all over the world and send them a lot of letters on English. Very important that every body want to receive most interesting and informative letters. So - it is my first advice - to find foreign friends. Belive me - You will take pleasure.
    2. My second advice is listening English songs, reding books and watching films. It is best theme for discussing with your new friends and to learn some thing new.
    3. Third advice - Internet is one of the most important thing in our life now a days and there are a lot of different interesting on-line english lessons for every levels, where you can check your knoweleges.
    4. Studying in English-speaking countryes also very very good because techers will help you to speak and write correct
    5. And my last advice - jast visit UK, Malta, USA etc. and you will see that you English becomes better and better

    With best regards,

    Smirnova Alexandra,St. Petersburg,Russia

  • What are the best ways to learn?

    1. Listening to the radio at least 1 hour per day
    2. Read aloud
    3. Try to speak always you can
    4. Dont panic if you make mistake, tray to correct them. Even in your own language you make mistake
    5. Always you can, maybe in holiday, try to fly to a country which language is english and exchange your experience


  • I Think the best ways of learning english are:

    1. Watching sit-coms or movies (english) with subtitles. And reading english books.
    2. Listening to music and sing the songs with their lyrics and find their meanings.
    3. Being a fan of an American or British artist,singer or a celebrity. By this way you can read or watch their interviews and try to understand it so you always search words in vocabulary.
    4. Going to UK or USA alone at least for 4 weeks. Living with people who speak english makes you speak english because you have no other choice.
    5. Changing your mobile phone and PC 's language in english.

    Melis Ozturk

  • What are the best ways to learn English?

    1. These are my 5 pieces of advice:
    2. Translate music lyrics to learn more words.
    3. Read books written in english..
    4. Watch films in english, with subtitles if necessary
    5. Travel a lot in foreign countries and speak english with everyone!!!

    But the best way is to get angry with your partner and shout at him in english... because as always he won't understand anything

    Nicole Pacini,Italy


    1. Read english books regularly.
    2. Read english books aloud.
    3. While you drive in a car or sit in a bus talk to yourself and describe the things you see in english.
    4. Hear english audio books while you drive your car oder sit in bus or train.
    5. Watch films on DVDs and choose english as language.

    Ulrike Lauterbach,Germany.

  • Hi! To my mind, the best ways to learn English are:

    1. Read
    2. Talk
    3. Play
    4. Imagine
    5. Dream

    It's simple but the most efficient.

    p.s. I love EC Malta!!!

    Nataliya Borisova

  • For me best the way to learn english is the experience,them:

    1. Trying to make a girl fall in love with you, this really make you learn!
    2. Talking, chating and hearing, by the internet, in my home is really effective.
    3. Playing with my friends, Making fun stuff, like videos, songs and poems.
    4. Challenges for myself, like learn the words about engines reading a magazine in one day, with my dictionary.
    5. Studying the new words and the new culture.

    Luis C. Lopez, Colombia

  • The best way to learn English is not to be scared to ask about any thing I dont know and also not to pretend to know things while you dont know any thing ,other thing to learn English you have to learn it from some one who really know English and have a good methods of teaching.


    Baki Omar,Algeria

  • The following are my tips for learning English :

    Practice with your friends is an excelent exercise that surely helps to improve your vocabulary and accuracy. Listening to music is great for get wild about pronunciation and fluency. Pen pals from anglo-phone countries can help you with new expressions and general knowledge of the culture. Games of words are useful too. Making the learning of English meaningful using it in real life situations it is a way to ensure English is going to be long lasting.

    Yessika Herrera Ospina


    1. Read English texts as much as you can. You can choose magazines,books,newspaper,everything!
    2. Listen to the English radio.
    3. Watch English programmes on TV.
    4. Write new words in your notebook and review it at least once a week.
    5. Each time you find people can speak English,talk with them,for example your teacher,your friends,or somebody that you can contact with the internet.

    Sara Monterubbiano,Italy


    1. I advise having a good learning series or collection according to the level needed, such as books, CDs, DVDs or following a series from the Internet like BBC Learning English; in addition to using a good electronic talking dictionary, a paper one, or a dictionary loaded in a computer that has symbols of pronunciation with a simplified grammar book after taking a known English teacher's opinion.
    2. I advise Being patient and calm when studying or learning. Try to listen, repeat, say, write, and read. As a beginner try to memorize by heart; but as an intermediate or advanced try to analyze the sentence grammatically; so you can use and read grammar references.
    3. I advise using the computer in order to see pictures, photos, and all kinds of media. Look carefully at the movement of the lips and pay attention to some strange vowel sounds, by imitating and making tests.
    4. In order to memorize the vocabulary and repeating them periodically, I advise putting this vocabulary in a two-column table ; column A for English words, and column B for your mother language; for example you can use the Excel Program.
      At the end of the week you may give the program a command for rearranging the words alphabetically, so that you can memorize them more easily; and the new words are to be added at the end of the table not alphabetically. At the end of the following week you can reorder the alphabetically arranged words, so that these new words take their new places in the table. And the words that you find difficulty in memorizing them may be coloured red that makes their revising easier. You had better make either a printout or a copy on the mobile phone to take it wherever you go, and you can review.
    5. I advise reading for a short period daily because this is better than reading for a long period after many days; for example, it is better to read thirty minutes a day than to read five hours every four days. Try to go to places where you may meet people who can speak good and fluent English. And don't be shy ,and don't hesitate at the beginnings.


    Sincerely yours,

    Ziad shamout,Syria

  • Here are the best ways to learn English:

    1. Start learning it when you are very young eg. at the age of 4 or 5.
    2. Have a sentimental relationship with a native speaker.
    3. Live at least 1 year in a country where the spoken language is English.
    4. Spend time with children who speak English. Read fairytales, watch children movies, play with them, etc. so you learn many new words.
    5. Listen to the English music and try to imitate the way of singing of the singer. That will help you to improve the pronunciation.

    Gizem Duran


    1. Hi,what you have to do is think english.
    2. Be in a place where only english is talked.
    3. Get some English computerfriends
    4. Watch English movies with Engilsh text
    5. Listen to english school tapes
    6. Write short stories in English so you can learn to write in English.
    7. And to learn English grammar you need some help from school...


  • My advice tips

    1. Want to do learn English
    2. Find out English in the heart
    3. Do English at school
    4. Pin down English language
    5. Give one´s heart to English

    Have a nice day.

    Jana Stárková,Czech Republic

  • According to me, the best ways to learn english are:

    1. Studying the vocabularies and working very hard
    2. Making a lot reading , using dictionary
    3. Listenig to tapes or CD and news from the radio and watching TV if possible P
    4. ractice what you have already learnt
    5. If possible going to an English country where english is practiced evrywhere you pass especially those who English is not their local language.

    Anzodou Saindou,Comoros Islands

  • English is an international language,so these are for me the top 5 pieces of advice about the way of learning English.

    1. Concidering English like your own language:don't be afraid of commiting mistakes, make you understand to the one that you are talking to,no mater who he or she is: American,British,south African, Chinese.
    2. Learning in a small group, 4 or 5 in allowing every one to participate on what you are doing
    3. Use all kind of materials we may have to have an international view on the way the language is spoken around the world:Television,Radio,CDs,Movies.
    4. Not realy putting much emphesise on the way American or British or other natives speak or pronunced,but with the influence of our mother tongues,speak or pronunce to make yourself understand.
    5. Don't hesitate to use in speaking idioms that some are not grammatical correct,such us:doncha,gonna,I'm loving it......so,what is important is to pass the message.

    Thank you,

    Kevin Antoine Kinzimou, Republic of Congo

  • Hi EC Team,

    I am writing you to give you my 5 advice how to learn English.
    It find out that for me is very useful learning English through activities that I like to do, because it keeps me learning regularly.

    I have spent my holiday at language school and I liked it very much. That was great possibility to meet people from many different countries and I jumped there my barrier to speak. Since that time learning English language is one of my hobbies, and it changed my approach to it, now I am learning English because I like it, not because I have to.

    1. So my first advice is take your learning English as a hobby and you will like it.
    2. My second advice is to make friends from different countries, and keep in touch with them. If you have English speaking friends, you will learn English automatically - new phrases and useful words, you will feel free to speak.
    3. My third advice is to read books or magazines in English language. I like this because I can learn much more from good book. At the moment I am reading The street lawyer by Grisham. I found it much more easier to read books than study text books or grammar books, because always I want to know what will happen next.
    4. My fourth advice is to find time for learning new words, I am trying to learn some new words every day. I have small notes and I write there 5 new words in the evening and on my way to work and back home I try to remember them. I travel by public transportation so I use this time for learning new words.
    5. My fifth advice and I think this is the best idea how to learn English effectively is to find job in English speaking environment. This will be my next step on my way to learn English as good as possible. I am from Slovakia and we have many international companies here and I would like to work for one of them.

    All the best

    Alena Zatkova

  • Usually it is very difficult to advise, moreover people do not like to follow smb's advice. So there can be just my ideas how to progress.

    1. The best way to learn English as well as any other foreign language is to do like the famous American writer, the author of 'Hiawatha' Henry Longfellow did: to travel. In this way he learned four languages staying almost a year in each country (France, Germany, Spain and Italy).
    2. Build your English vocabulary doing smth new e.g., do a new sport, start a new hobby, play a musical instrument, try gardening, learn to paint. In this way you will like to know a lot of new words. (When I got interested in homoeopathy in such a way I've just learned the names of some herbs e.g., inula, St.John wort, bird's smart weed).
    3. Learn to use specific words instead of general e.g., to walk (general)- to stroll, to trudge (specific); great - enormous, huge, immense.
    4. Find someone among your friends who knows English better than you and try to speak only English to him/her as often as possible; find someone among your friends or younger siblings and cousins who knows English worse than you and try to teach them.
    5. Read English in the original without a dictionary first to understand the general idea and then you will come to like it as with every book you will get more and more % of the context. Personally I started with a book for children.



    1. Makes speaking activity with the people whom main language isn't English.
    2. Went a English-speaking country at least 8 weeks.
    3. Reading a lot and usually without looking dictionary for unknown words.
    4. Speaking in English with your friends on MSN.
    5. And the most important thing is trying to like English.

    Burak Ekin Dalbayrak

  • This steps in my opinion is good and i'll try my best pratice them completly

    1. Listening,listening and listening in my favour to native english tv,film,movies and radio.
    2. Speaking to native directly,or by telephone if not possible chating with native english.In my favour about what you listen in step
    3. Read,stories and any subject well written in english and what is enjoying in your opinion.
    4. Write down,by your favour pen to your lover,friends.
    5. Review previous steps weekly i.e have four times revised 4 steps each month.


    Kamal Osman

  • Hi, Everybody!

    My advice for learning English is simple. If we want to know English well we have to communicate with English speeking people as much as possible. And of course if we want to speak a good English we have to learn its grammar, phonetics by studying at some good language courses and preferable in English speeking countries.

    The third piece of advice is to read a good classic and modern English literature as much as possible, to watch English films, TV channels. And the last and I think more interesting way to learn English is to be one of the players in various English sketches or plays. Such kind of learning language helps us to improve our knowledge in more vivid and creative manner.

    With my best wishes to everybody who wants to be succesful in learning English.

    Oksana Statsenko,Ukraine.

  • This is my advice for learning English:

    1. Watch movies without subtitles and listen to English music
    2. Read English books and visit web sides which are in English
    3. Study the language at school, also remember to study to words properly
    4. Travel abroad and make new friends there
    5. Go to a language camp or to an exchange student or take English courses with EC English Language Schools

    Enni Vallivaara, Finland

  • Hello

    Acording to your question, I think be in the area of espicial foriegn language is the best way of learnig . But when its not possible to be , It would be travel or watching Tv or Movie for the next step. After that, reading books and magazines is good too.Talking in foriegn language with friends and the people who knows that language would be useful too.
    By the way going to some Institude for learning plus top item would be the best way of learning.
    Thank you for your kindness

    Faezeh Araghi

  • Hi, EC team!

    Here are my five pieces of advice or better to say tips from my experience on learning English language.

    First of all it is always a pleasure to learn English making jokes. You can compare how jokes sound in your native language and in English. Secondly one of the best ways for me is learning English from songs in English. The more you like the song the better result you'll have. My third tip would be about friends. It is very! very cool if your friends also learn English and you can decide with them to talk only in English one day. Imagine, you'll learn and practice English the most time of the day.

    Next advice would be more for computer users. If you install a new programm on your computer, if you register in the communities or if you simply chat, then do that in English! It's very usefull and interesting!

    My last but not least advice is to read books and watch movies in English. For the first time you can use subtitles-function, but after 3-4 movies you'll enjoy watching them without subtitles' help.

    Good luck for everyone and hope my tips would help you to make learning English more fun!

    Best regards,

    Baira Ednyasheva,Russia

  • My five pieces of advice for learning English:

    1. Let your fear propel you forward
    2. Do not let failure stifle you
    3. Listen to english music
    4. Study as often as possible, surrounding yourself with english. Distribution is more important than quantity
    5. Watch English films and television, having fun!

    Silvana Tammaro,Venezuela

  • Hi EC Team,

    Here are my 5 favorites:

    1. A holiday in Brighton with a language course at ec-school
    2. Find good friends in Brighton and hold the contact with them via e-mail and telephone
    3. A english teacher (natural speaker) at home
    4. Reading english newspaper/books
    5. Reading the newsletter from ec-school

    Best regards and thanks for our staying in Brighton and ec-school in summer 2007.

    Susanne Ley,Germany

  • Hi,

    Besides learning about a new culture, students have to develop the four skills (listening, talking, reading and writing) with different activities. These are some of the best ways to learn the English language and culture:

    1. Participating in forums, blogs or other collaborative activities
    2. Listening to songs
    3. Role-playing everyday situations
    4. Keeping a portfolio
    5. Having an e-friend

    Hope to hear from you.



  • Hello!

    1. Spend holidays in English speaking countries.
    2. Read news in English.
    3. Read English books and see English films.
    4. Communicate with English speaking people via internet (skype, msn, etc).
    5. Play English computer games.

    Best regards,

    Pavel S. Grishin, Russia

  • Hello

    1. Learn at least 10 new words every day and practice them and find someone to talk to
    2. Listen to the radio or TV and try to understand
    3. Read a book and make a vocabulary of the word your don´t understand
    4. And read newpaper aloud every day to hear the sound of the language
    5. Find a pen-friend ,it is very good way to practice the writing

    Best Regard,

    Adalbjorg Bjornsdóttir, Reykjavík, Iceland

  • No rain, no rainbow.

    Before I came to Malta I had been studying English for ages but without success. Trying to cope with this one I had done a lot, however, every time I came up against the brick wall. Last September I decided to solve this problem finally and bought a ticket to Malta. Now I can say that my English is going from strength to strength. Today I decided to sum up my experience and make some suggestions about the most effective ways of learning the foreign language.

    Firstly, chose a reputed language school in the country of the language you want to study, add the homestay and go there at least for a year. Never before have I heard that it didn't work.

    Secondly, while doing something enjoy what you do. It's not the boring grammar exercises, a heap of new words to remember and endless listening practice, but the eternal life-breath and the only way to live among people around you, understand their mentality and lifestyle.

    I suppose it's a good idea to enter up your achievements. Just yesterday you learn this word, today you hear it in the shop nearby, tomorrow you will use it in your speech. In three months you will smile scanning the list of the new words which you made today. This list of the achievements can help you as well to jump over the days of the dumpiness and despair that everyone has.

    My next advice - speak with the native-speakers any time you have this opportunity. Join in the school activities, excursions, entertainments in city you live. Speak to people around you, be kind and friendly and respect those who help you improve your English.

    My last advise - while studying do a pronunciation course with the best phonetist you can find. It's like the last master stroke on his work of art. My strong persuasion is even if you pass CPE but your pronunciation offends English ears, you don't know this language at all.

    As a conclusion I want to say, Doing your course always remember: No rain, no rainbow!'

    Elena Koltsova


    1. to use mnemonics
    2. to watch English movies (without subtitles of course;) )
    3. to listen to BBC or use learning zone
    4. to make mind maps especially for learning vocabulary
    5. to try ESL readers

    Monika Wolos


    1. If you want to learn English language, you shouldn't speak to your language with other people.
    2. You can work in restaurant or somewhere else,if it's possible, because it's good for your English.
    3. You can go to a photography course, cookery course or paiting course eg. or whatever you like to do in your free time.You can meet a lot of people there.
    4. All the time you should try to think everything in English.
    5. You can watch English TV,listen to radio, read book aloud etc...

    Pinar Sahin, Turkey