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T.7 - Education

Education Idioms

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Here are some commonly used idioms about education and learning. Have you heard any of them in class before? I've put the meanings of the idioms to help you to decide which idiom fits in each sentence. Can you think of any more education idioms? Have you ever pulled an all-nighter? Let us know!

Advanced Level: Does the education system kill creativity?

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I recently posted a lesson based on a poem by Sarah Kay, which was presented at a Ted conference. Here is another Ted lecture, which looks at the role of creativity in schools. Listen to the first five or so minutes of the talk and answer the questions below true or false.

What is your opinion? Do you think there should be more creativity in the school curriculum or do you think we need to continue to focus on maths, science and English?

Let us know.

Lesson by Caroline Devane

High Intermediate Level: Parents Sending Children to Boarding School

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I found this news quite surprising, as I have always thought that sending a child to boarding school would be much more expensive than other alternatives.

A boarding school is a school where some or all pupils study and live away from their family.

Is university worth it?

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I am about to start my masters degree (Monday, wish me luck!) so this type of article, which debates whether university is worth its cost, is extremely interesting to me. I sincerely hope that a year of studying hard will have a good outcome! In this article, I have removed some of the key vocabulary, but as it is of intermediate standard, I have not given you any of the definitions. All you need to do is put the correct word in each gap.

School Subjects

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Here is a vocabulary test with a twist! This test is based on school subjects, but rather than give you a definition of the subject I'm going to give you something that a teacher of this subject might say. Good luck!

School Subjects

Physical education
Maths/ mathematics

What was your favourite school subject? Least favourite?

Education vocabulary

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