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Star Sign - Leo

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What's your star sign?

People born between July 23 and August 22 are Leos.

Leo (the Latin word for Lion) is the fifth of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Leo is one of the 88 modern constellations, and one of the most easily recognisable constellations in the night sky because of its many bright stars and distinctive shape that is reminiscent of the crouching lion it depicts.

In the news: Robots and the future of work

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'When Robots take all the work, what'll be left for us to do?' is the title of this interesting article published in the equally interesting 'Wired.'

Read through a few select parts of this article, and find out what the words in bold mean:

Like / As / Unlike / Such as

Like / As / Unlike / Such as

* Like
- it is followed by a noun or a pronoun
- it is used to compare things
- it means ' similar to '
She is like her mother.
You speak like a native speaker.
Ann looks like a princess.

* As
- it is used to refer to something or someone's appearance or function
Before she became a waitress she worked as a cleaning lady.

- in the same way
I always drink strong black coffee as they do in my country.

- to refer to the degree of something
Your son will soon be as tall as his father.

- as a conjunction ( to connect two clauses )



nice / kind / good / stupid / silly / intelligent / clever / sensible (1) / (im)polite / rude (2) / unreasonable (3) OF someone (to do something):
- Thank you it was very nice / kind of you to help me.
It's stupid of her to go out without a coat.

nice / kind / good / (im)polite / rude / (un)pleasant (4) / (un)friendly / cruel TO someone:
- She has always been very nice / kind to me.
Why are you so rude / unfriendly to Ann?

angry / furious (5) ABOUT something // WITH someone FOR something:
- Why are you so angry about it?

Don't say

Don't say

Don't say : Come to here
Say : Come here

Don't say : Who cooked this salad ?
Say : Who made this salad ?

Don't say : Would you like a drink ?
Say : Would you like something to drink ?

Don't say : I have a free time
Say : I am free

Don't say : Your coat is broken
Say : Your coat is torn

Don't say : He becomes better
Say : He got better

Don't say : We'll have a hearing test tomorrow

Beauty/Appearance related Idioms

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Today's set of idioms are related to beauty or appearance. We're sure you will find them useful when describing people you know, or when talking about fashion or style in general :)

1. cut a dash - to make a striking impression by having a very positive appearance and wearing attractive clothes.

E.g. My dad cut a dash at my cousin's wedding last summer. He looked very elegant!


2. deck out - to dress or decorate something/someone in a special way.

who can teach me about the definition of "seam"

I watch a fishing show and I heard they talk about "seam" but I dunno what does "seam" mean. They said that "we're basically reading
the seams and the current." . Anyone pls help me out. Thanks a lot. Smile

Vocabulary: Renting accommodation

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Happy Monday to you all! :)

We've prepared a list of useful and easy short questions you can ask when you're looking to rent accommodation - rooms, apartments, a flat, a house, whatever it might be!

1. I would like to rent a flat/apartment please.

2. I would like to be close to the town centre, with a view of the beach.

3. What does the flat/apartment contain?

4. Is bed linen available?

5. Are towels provided?

6. Is there a cleaning/housekeeping service?

7. Are there any sports facilities?

Phrasal Verbs: MAKE

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Today we're going to look at phrasal verbs with the word 'make'. Read these definitions and examples, and then try to complete the sentences below with the correct phrasal verb.

Note: You will have to change the tense!

1. Make something out - to see/recognise something in the distance

In the news: Wild animal photos & 'Tiger selfies'

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Here's an article from 'The Guardian' about the rise in the popularity of 'tiger selfies', and the harm this social activity is causing...

An animal protection charity is _1_ tourists to turn down opportunities to take photos of themselves with wild animals, as a growing number of such images, including “tiger selfies”, surface online.