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Food Idioms

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Here’s a list of idioms that all include a type of food, but can you remember which food completes which idiom? When you’ve finished filling them in, see if you can explain what each idiom means. Good luck!
Lesson by Caroline

Homophones for Pre-Intermediate Level

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Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings eg.

Please come here.
Did you hear that?

Complete the sentences with the correct word:
Lesson by Nasreen, EC Cape Town English school.

Reading: Surprising Sharks

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I love sharks, though I wouldn’t get in the water with them like some of our crazy students in our Cape Town English school. I think they’re beautiful creatures. Here’s an article all about them with some key vocabulary taken out. Can you put the correct word in the correct gap?
Lesson by Caroline

How to order a coffee in the UK

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All across the UK people are wondering what type of coffee to order today. Some years ago we had lots of cafes serving a nice cup of tea and pretty lousy coffee. Now the UK is overrun with coffee houses serving a bewildering range of refreshing coffees and pretty awful tea.


Have came across the word "apparently", and I could not understand its meaning. The dictionary gives two contradictive explanations: 

1. readily seen or understood, obvious,

2. seeming as opposed to real

Would be great if you wrote which meaning is more common for this word. 


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This & that

This and that are for singular nouns.
This is used for an object which are near to use
That is used for an an object which is not near to us.
"This is my pen in my hand."
"That is my bag you are carrying."

In the news: Chilean Miners

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It was very refreshing to see a story in the news recently that brought us good news. The pictures of the Chilean miners emerging from the cavern deep below the ground to greet their families on the surface were very moving.

professional words



I think I am too young that's why I don't know what is that words (later I will say). Is this word not applicable (I mean not populary known) for ages like puberty ages? Straightly, elementary level.


Here's the words: circumstances, herein, hereinafter, hereinbefore, hereinabove, hereinbelow.


Does anyone can help me?


Thank you very much. Honestly, I think I love this web site. It helps me a lot to be gramatically correct in speaking English.

How to play Conkers

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What’s this? Is it an alien from a distant planet coming out of its space-suit?

Don’t worry, it’s not here to attack earth. It’s the seed from a tree called the horse chestnut tree coming out of its capsule. The seed is called a conker. In autumn in the UK people use conkers to play a game called..... conkers.

Is university worth it?

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I am about to start my masters degree (Monday, wish me luck!) so this type of article, which debates whether university is worth its cost, is extremely interesting to me. I sincerely hope that a year of studying hard will have a good outcome! In this article, I have removed some of the key vocabulary, but as it is of intermediate standard, I have not given you any of the definitions. All you need to do is put the correct word in each gap.