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I thought I'd write another letter to you guys to get you practising your grammar. This is quite a difficult lesson. There are some verbs missing in the text. Can you put them in the correct tense? I’d love to hear back from you all.

Me and my friend Philippa at Thorpe Park, feeling frightened!

Dear students,

This week has been very busy! I _1_ working at a Summer school teaching English and it is fun, exciting and exhausting. On Monday, we _2_ all the students and put them into their different groups. Then we _3_ a disco in the evening, but all the students were quite shy. On Tuesday real lessons started. I _4_ the intermediate classes and I _5_ to keep the lessons exciting by using songs, videos and games. Yesterday I _6_ a group of students shopping. I panicked for a little while because I thought I _7_ them! Luckily, they were all in KFC getting some ‘wonderful’ English food. I think the students are enjoying their time in the UK, but some of them _8_ quite homesick. Tomorrow I _9_. to Thorpe Park for the day with a group of them! I love roller-coasters so I can't wait! I will probably go on most of the rides, but not the water rides. I’ve always been frightened of water rides, I don't know why! So it was a tiring week but a wonderful one. I _10_ so much and really enjoying the challenges of teaching younger learners. I still have three more weeks, do you think I will still be alive at the end?

Take care,


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