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What is EC?

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Reception, EC Malta

Culture Lesson: Presidential Inauguration

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Obama-mania hit America as Barak Obama officially became the 44th president of the USA at his inauguration.

English Joke: Hole in One

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Today we are taking a look at an English joke. This joke is an example of a play on words - meaning that a phrase or word can can be used for more than one meaning to make a joke.

Hole in one- is used in golf when a golfer gets the ball into the hole with just one shot.

Hole in one - in this case the 'hole' means a hole in one pair of trousers.

TOEFL Questions

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Read through the following ten sentences and choose the correct meaning for each key word:

1 - Excuse me, may I enquire what time your restaurant closes tonight?

2 - I'm happy to let you know that even though the top was loose it stayed on.

3 - They had to restrain the young boy from climbing into the washing machine. He could have been badly hurt.

German words used in English

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Guten tag! English and German both descended from a West Germanic language, though their relationship has been obscured by the great influence of French words to English dating from the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. In recent years, however, many English words have been borrowed directly from German. Here we take a look at some of the most common examples and what they mean:

A-Z of descriptive adjectives

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Here's an A-Z of adjectives we can use to describe different things. Take a look at them and see if you can learn some new, useful words.

Remember - many of these words  are not used in these forms to describe how we feel. For example, we use "It's amazing" to describe something while "I am amazed" is used to show our emotion or feeling.


Wonderful or surprising.

Movie Lesson - Marley & Me

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Star Sign - Capricorn: Personality Adjectives

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When someone asks you "What's your star-sign?", they are asking about which of the 12 signs of the zodiac you were born under. It is believed by many that your personality (character) is linked to the date you were born, furthermore, people say that you can predict your future by your star-sign.
The twelve signs of the zodiac are:

How to use 'over'

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'There time as University is now over.'

The word over can be used as in a number of ways as a preposition, adjective or adverb. Let's take a look at some of its more basic uses:

High Intermediate Reading: The 380kg Teenager

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British television recently showed a programme on the plight of 19 year-old Texan teenager, Billy Robbins, who weighed an unbelievable 180 kg.
Officially the world’s heaviest teenager, Billy was housebound for 3 years after gorging himself on junk-food. At the peek of his food addiction he was eating 8000 calories each day.