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How to use During, For and While

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The prepositions during, for, and while are often used with time time expressions. Let's take a look at the difference in usage between during, for, and while.

Learn word forms!

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Hello everyone! Here we're going to show you a good way to learn new words. Let's start with  the word energy as an example. As you probably know energy is a noun and that is means 'the source of power or strength'. A quick way to build up word bank of English words is to identify the other forms of this word:

How to use Myself and Yourself!

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'We took the horses out by ourselves.'

Do you know how to make Passive Sentences?

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Prepositions Test

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Take a look at the ten sentences below. You will notice that each one is missing a preposition. Choose which one is correct for each sentence.

Prepositions are used before nouns, noun phrases or pronouns, connecting them to other words.

Quick tip - Well vs Good

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Well vs Good

"I speak English well."

"I speak English good."

Which of these is correct and why?

Can you choose the correct Personal Pronoun?

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What's a personal pronoun?

In English, personal pronouns are used instead of nouns for 'people' and 'things'.

They are used so that we don't repeat the same words over and over again. Let's look at an example using the noun picture:

Puzzle - What's the answer?

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Read the following riddle (puzzle) and guess the answer. Click on 'Show Answer' to solve the riddle:

One day 2 fathers and 2 sons went fishing. They caught 1 fish each, but they only had a total of 3 fish. How was this possible?

Is or Are?

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Linking Verbs

Linking verbs connect subjects with nouns, pronouns, or adjectives.

Linking verbs can either be plural or singular and they must agrees with the subject of the sentence.

What do you do? Jobs vocabulary!

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When someone asks you "What do you do?" they mean "What is your job"?

Let's take a look at a few jobs! Do you know what these people do?

Link: In the travel agency: booking a package holiday

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