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How to use Even

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'Everyone seems to have a tattoo these days - even my mother has one!'

If you have seen or heard the word even in English but were unsure of how to use it, this page is for you!

even for surprise

The word even is used to show that something is surprising or unusual; it is more than we would expect:

Test your Adjective knowledge.

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Take a look at the ten sentences below. Which adjective fits best for each sentence? Use this link to the Cambridge Online dictionary for any words that you don't know. It's a good habit to look up new words in a dictionary, especially an English-English one. 


Link: Personality Adjectives

Crime Idioms

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Here we look at six idioms which are linked to the topic of crime. These idioms are not necessarily about crime; they just use the language of crime to describe other situations. Find out what they mean, how you can use them and then do the quiz:

What are Split Infinitives?

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To go is an infinitive. In many languages, infinitives are made up of one word; however, in English they are made of two. You may have learned in school that you should never split an infinitive - this is not true. In today's English, it is perfectly acceptable to split infinitives.

Review: It's and Its

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Some time ago, we looked at the difference in use between it's and its. Please take a moment to review the key information by following the link to the lesson below. When you think that you have understood, try the exercise. 

Link: It's and Its


Test your Prepositions knowledge!

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How good are you with prepositions? Let's find out! Take a look at the following ten sentences and choose the correct preposition to complete each sentence.


Link: Prepositions of Time

Link: Mixed Preposition Quiz


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Here we take a look at how to ask for permission, ask for something and ask someone to do something.

Asking for permission

When we are asking for permission to do something we can use the following expressions:

Phrasal Verb - 'See Through'

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This month's phrasal verb, see through, has two meanings. You can probably guess both meanings from the picture. Here's an explanation to help you out, just in case.

Of course, we can use see through to mean 'look through':

'The window is too dirty. I can't see through it.'

Build your vocabulary!

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Read through the ten sentences and then choose the words with the closet meanings:

Culture Lesson: American Thanksgiving

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Read through the following information on American Thanksgiving and match up the key words (in bold) to their definitions: