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Wh- words practice

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Take a look at the following ten questions. Each question is missing a wh- word. Choose the corrcect word to complete each sentence. Choose from one of the following words:

who - what -  why - which - where - when - how

Talking about preferences


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'Shall we go?'

Shall is a word which is commonly used in British English, but rarely in American English.
Shall can be used in a number of contexts:


Shall is often used with 'I' or 'we' instead of will:

'I shall call you later.'
'We shall talk about it tomorrow.'


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Here we show you how to build your vocabulary and how to guess the meaning of new words. A prefix is added at the front of words to make new ones. Knowing the meanings of prefixes will help you to guess the meanings of words. Below are ten common prefixes, what they mean and some examples.

How to use Some and Any

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'I bought some bread' or 'I bought any bread'?


Countable and uncountable

Some is used with both countable and uncountable nouns:

Visit Malta: reading and vocab practice

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SMS English

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Phrasal Verb - Move

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move away

Move away: To move away means that you leave one place to go and live in another.

'I was born in London, but we moved away to Liverpool when I was very young.'

Colour idioms

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Here are some common colour idioms and expressions. Are any of these similar in your language?

black idioms

black and white

When something is black and white it is very clear to understand and decide if you think it is good or bad.

'This is a black and white situation. You are either with us or against us.'

Culture Lesson: Guy Fawkes Night

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November 5th is a famous day in British history. Guy Fawkes Night is celebrated on this day. Do you know who he was or why this day is celebrated? Let's find out about some British culture.

Choose the correct synonym

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Take a look at the following seven sentences. Each sentence has a key-word. Choose which word has the same meaning as the key-word