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Listen & Fill in the Gaps: The Night Before Christmas!

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1 - Listen to the poem below without writing anything down. This will give you an idea of the content and you will become familiar with the reader’s voice and pronunciation. 

2 - Listen to the poem again and fill in the blanks as you listen.

3 - Listen again before checking your answers!



Listening: Yesterday by the Beatles

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What better way to practice understanding spoken English than by listening to some classic music? Enjoy the song Yesterday by the Beatles, and then choose the correct word for each blank space in our quiz below!

Yesterday, all my __1__ seemed so far away

Now it looks as though they're here to stay

Oh, I ___2___

In yesterday



I'm not half the man I used to be  

Robin Williams - Good Will Hunting

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We woke up to sad news today with reports that Robin Williams, the actor and comedian died in his home at the age of 63.

His career included such much-loved films as Good Morning Vietnam (1987), Dead Poets Society (1989), The Fisher King (1991), Aladdin (1992) and Mrs. Doubtfire.

One of our favourite Robin Williams' films is 1997's Good Will Hunting. In this movie Williams plays the role of therapist to Matt Damon's genius patient, Sean. His performance as Dr Sean Maguire won Robin Williams an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Wonderwall - A tribute to EC Manchester - Listening

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Guess the missing lyrics!

Our new English school, EC Manchester, opened this month in a city famous for great music, including Britpop stars Oasis.

Listen carefully
and fill in the blanks to complete the lyrics of their hit song.

Listening Lesson: How babies learn languages

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My daughter is seven weeks old and is being exposed to both English and Spanish already. Another friend has just has a baby who will be spoken to in English and Welsh. It may seem silly to speak anything to babies when they can't speak back, but this video shows that it is vitally important! Watch this fascinating lecture and then try to answer the true or false questions below.

Music Video Lesson: India Arie

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India Arie writes and sings beautiful love songs. Read through the lyrics and guess which word fits in the gap, then listen and check your answers. Enjoy the song and let us know how you did!

A Beautiful Surprise

Listening Lesson: Too few women leaders?

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Today's lesson is based on a TED Talk by Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Facebook. TED is an organisation that believes in the power of sharing ideas.

TED invites the world's leading thinkers and doers to give an 18 minute talk on a wide range of topics within the research and practice of science and culture, often through storytelling. On their website more than 1400 TED Talks are available, with more added each week. All of the talks are subtitled in English, and many are subtitled in various languages.

Music Video: Skyfall – Adele

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The famous English double agent, James Bond, has been in the news a lot this year.

Not only did the new film receive positive reviews, it is also fifty years since the first one came to the screen. This song is the official theme for the new film.

Read through the lyrics and try to guess which word completes the gap. Then listen to the song and check your answers. Enjoy!

Lesson by Caroline

Music Video: John Mayer - Say

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John Mayer writes and performs many beautiful songs. I particularly love the lyrics which is why I share them with you. Listen to the song and see if you can complete the gaps with the missing words. I’ve put the definitions of the words as well to help you. Is any of the vocabulary new to you?

Lesson by Caroline

Music Video: The Script

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The Script are an Irish rock band who have become very popular in the past few years. You do not have to listen to the whole song, just the first couple of verses. Before you listen to the song and try to complete the gaps, follow these steps:

  1. Read through the lyrics, can you guess which word fits where before you listen?
  2. Listen to check your answers.

I hope you enjoy it!

Lesson by Caroline