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Listening Lesson: Build your Creative Confidence

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Are you creative? Do you think people can learn to be more creative or is creativity just something you are born with and can't be taught.

Creativity is the ability to come up with new ideas. It is an important skill in business because fresh ideas can help an organisation stay competitive.

Often, people think of themselves as being creative or non-creative. This talk argues that everyone has the ability to be creative and that it is only fear that stops people from being so.

Present Simple and Present Continuous

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In today's lesson we will be discussing the differences between the present simple and the present continuous. It is a common mistake for English learners to mix these two tenses up, but after this lesson you will know when to use the correct tense. Read the explanation and the examples and then complete the sentences with the correct verb.

Listening Lesson: Bike Riding

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Let's test your listening with the following video. Watch the video and answer the questions by choosing True or False. Also, I hope it gets you started on your training. Do you enjoy riding bikes? Have you ever participated in a bike race? Enjoy!

Lesson by Caroline

Music Video: Glee - A Boy Like That

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When I was Colombia, I watched lots of old movies with my husband. One of them was West Side Story, a musical based loosely on Romeo and Juliet. Listen to this song and see if you can complete the gaps with the missing words. Try reading through first guessing before you listen. I’ve used a recent version of the song that appeared in the TV show 'Glee', as the quality is better. Enjoy!

Lesson by Caroline

Music Video: All Saints

Average: 3.6 (25 votes)

I hadn't heard this song for years, until it came on the radio this morning. Do you remember it?

It was released in 1997, 15 years ago! Listen to the song and try to complete the gaps with the correct missing words. Before you listen, take a look at the lyrics and see if you can guess what the missing words may be. You may be able to figure out what words are missing by the context of the sentences. 

Music Video: Eye of the Tiger

Average: 3.7 (50 votes)

I decided to use this song for a lesson today as my boyfriend was exercising to it this morning! It is a classic 80's tune and definitely a motivational song. It was also the theme song for the well-known movie, Rockie III. Read through the lyrics and see if you can guess which words complete the gaps. Then listen and see if you were right! Good luck.

Lesson by Caroline

Music Video Lesson: Joss Stone

Average: 3.1 (23 votes)

Let's learn English through songs. It's a fun and simple way for you to brush up on your listening skills. You can listen to the words over and over again until you can fully understand them. Learning English through songs is also a good way of picking up some natural English expressions especially slang words.

Music Video: Jack Johnson - Questions

Average: 3.3 (23 votes)

Here's a song by the wonderful Jack Johnson to get you thinking. First read through the lyrics and try to guess which word is missing from the gap. Then listen and complete the gaps. Finally, let me know what questions you think the singer wants to ask. Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline

Advanced Level Listening: How to Spot a Liar

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I noticed that some of you would like more realistic listening practice, so here's another Ted lecture for you to test your listening skills!

Music Video Lesson: Jason Mraz

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This song is currently one of the top singles in the UK, by American singer Jason Mraz. Read the lyrics and try to guess which word fits in the gap before you listen. Think about the meaning of the song and which words have similar pronunciation to help you.
Lesson by Caroline