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FN.1 - Numbers

Ordinal Numbers: first, second, third

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When we want to put things in order, we use ordinal numbers so we can tell the position of that thing.

For example, if there is a road with three houses, you will pass them in order of the first house, the second and the third.

Ordinal Numbers: Using First, Second, Third, Etc

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Ordinal numbers are easy to learn but also, easy to forget.

When objects are placed in order, we use ordinal numbers to tell their position.  If ten people ran a race, we would say that the person that ran the fastest was in first place, the next student was in second place, and so on.

Remember, ordinals are numbers we use when we want to put things in order. We normally ad 'th' to the numbers, but also sometimes 'nd' or 'st'. In the following sentences, do we need an ordinal number?

Idioms using numbers

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11 number idioms

Take a look at these idioms; they all use numbers. Read through the 11 idioms ranging from 1 to 11 and then try the quiz:

English puzzle Can you guess the missing words?

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Can you guess what the missing words are in this sentence:

"52 w___ in a y___."

Did you guess right? The correct sentence should read '52 weeks in a year'.