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G.20 - Prepositions and prepositional phrases

Prepositions Quiz - Mixed Level

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It doesn't matter what level of English you have, it's always important to practice your knowledge of prepositions.

Brush up on your understanding with this mixed exercise.

Choose the right preposition in each sentence.

Who will be the first person to get 10/10? Which questions did you get wrong?

Link: Prepositions plus '-ing'

Two-word Prepositions

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Many prepositions we use are single words like in, on and at. These are called simple prepositions.

There are also prepositions which are made up of two or three words. These complex prepositions act in the same way as single-word prepositions.

How many of these two-word prepositions are you familiar with?

Let me know if you have any questions about the meanings of any of these sentences.

Link:Quiz on prepositions

Prepositions: in, on, at - Level: beginner/elementary

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Here's a basic look at prepositions. Sometimes even high-level English learners can forget which prepositions to use. This will be a good chance to review for some of you.

Complete these sentences using in, on, or at:

When you have finished write your own example sentences today's prepositions.

Prepositions Quiz - 10 Questions

Average: 2.7 (10 votes)

Have you ever been to New York?

Take the preposition challenge

Average: 3.5 (15 votes)

A mixed preposition quiz for you today. Simply complete the sentences with the missing preposition.

Which ones did you get wrong. Who got all ten correct?

Link: 10 prepositions questions

Preposition Questions

Average: 3.6 (15 votes)

Prepositions: small words that cause big problems!!

Let's see how good you are with them. Read through these ten sentences and correct the correct preposition.

That's it...nothing else to say!

Link: 10 prepositions questions

10 Prepositions Questions

Average: 3.3 (106 votes)

Prepositions link nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in sentences.

There are lots of prepositions and choosing the right one can be difficult.

Most English learners find the best way to learn them is through practising, practising.... and then practising again!

So come on - it's time to get busy practising!

Link: Prepositions + '-ing'

Prepositions Quiz

Average: 4.3 (487 votes)

It's prepositions time again. The best way to learn them is through practice. Read through the ten sentences and choose the correct missing prepositions.

Finished already? Then try another exercise:

Link: 10 Prepositions Questions

Link: Quiz on Prepositions

Quiz on Prepositions

Average: 3.8 (64 votes)

'Did you have a good time at the party?'

It's been a while since we practised prepositions, so let's do some. Take a look at the ten sentences and choose the correct preposition. What could be simpler?? 


Prepositions + 'ing'

Prepositions of Time

10 Prepositions Questions!

Average: 3.6 (226 votes)

You're always asking for more prepositions practice so here you are: 10 prepositions questions.

Simply choose the correct missing preposition in each sentence.

There are lot's of other preposition exercises on this site. Here are some links:

Prepositions Test

Prepositions plus '-ing'