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Music Video Lesson - Michael Jackson 'Earth Song'

Average: 4.3 (21 votes)

I'm not a big fan of this song, but it has some great vocabulary in it and contains a really good message!

Listen and try to complete the gaps. You only need to listen to the first verse. What do you think the message of this song is?

Lesson by Caroline

Movie Lesson: Rio

Average: 3.1 (14 votes)

Here's a trailer for the new movie Rio.

Before you watch it, read through the 5 questions below. When you have read them, watch the clip.

What do you think about this film? Has anyone seen it? Are you planning too? Do you think that Disney movies are just for kids.

Listening Practice - Listening for information

Average: 3.2 (24 votes)

Listen to EC London student Thomas talk about his time learning English with us. This is a good opportunity to hear a non-native speaker's English accent.

Before you watch the video, take a moment to read through the 7 questions below so that you know what information you are listening for.

Have you been to London or even studied at our school there?

EC London English School

Music Video Lesson - Glee

Average: 3.9 (8 votes)

Continuing my theme of dream and sleep themed lessons, do you think I may be a little bit exhausted?

This song is originally from the musical Les Miserables. If you are one of our students studying in London, go and see it!

Listen to this recording of the song and try and complete the gaps with the correct vocabulary.

Good night! Sweet dreams!

Lesson by Caroline Devane

Music Video Lesson - Maroon 5 'She Will Be Loved'

Average: 4 (21 votes)

I can't believe this song is nearly ten years old! It's another song that tells a story, which as you know is my favourite type.

Read through the lyrics and try to guess which word goes in each gap. Then listen and see if you were right.

Lesson by Caroline Devane

Music Video Lesson - Sarah McLachlan 'Angel'

Average: 3.8 (16 votes)

Sarah McLachlan is a Canadian singer/songwriter known for her emotional music.

This song 'Angel' was released in 1997 and is one of her best known songs.

First, read through the lyrics and try to guess which word fits in which gap. Then listen and check your answers.

Note: Do you ever research the meanings of songs?

Websites such as wikepedia.org and songmeanings.net can give you a really fascinating insight into what the songs were written about.

Music Video Lesson - Michael Buble "Feeling Good"

Average: 3.7 (13 votes)

Here is another Michael Buble song for you to enjoy and learn from. In this lesson, I have removed vocabulary that is related to animals or the natural world.

I'm sure you will have come across many of these words before, but I hope some will be new.

What is the creature in the picture?

Good luck!

By Caroline

Music Video Lesson - John Legend

Average: 3.9 (16 votes)

I love a bit of easy-listening in the evening.

John Legend is a great artist to listen to on the weekend when you need to unwind and relax before the working week starts all over again!

Listen to this song and try and put the correct words in each gap.

Before you listen, try reading through the lyrics and guessing which words are missing.

Lesson by Caroline Devane

Listening to a speech

Average: 3.4 (46 votes)

Randy Pausch was an American professor who sadly passed away in 2008.

He was an extremely inspirational person, and through this video is very emotional I hope it will remind you of what is important in life.

Listen to the interview and try and fill in the gaps in the sentences.

I strongly recommend his lecture, ‘achieving your childhood dream’, which you can also find on youtube.
Lesson by Caroline Devane

Note: In English, 'the grim reaper' is another word for death.

Counting Crows - Big Yellow Taxi

Average: 4.1 (21 votes)

A blast from the past: Something or someone that returns after a period of absence. It is normally applied to things that were thought of fondly previously and are making a welcome return - particularly pop songs.

This song is definitely a blast from the past. It was originally written and sung by Joni Mitchell in 1970. It was then covered in 2002 by The Counting Crows, and this is the version you are going to listen to.