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Music Lesson - Paloma Faith

Average: 4.6 (28 votes)

Paloma Faith is one of the few CD's I have in my kitchen and this song goes around and around in my head after I listen to it. It's so catchy! Listen to the song and try and complete the gaps with the vocabulary below. Before you listen, read through and guess which word you think fits in each gap.

Lesson by Caroline Devane

Listening: Marina and the Diamonds

Average: 3.3 (15 votes)

I think this song by Marina and the Diamonds has a really positive message.

Sometimes it can be really difficult to be everything that society expects of you.

We need to remember that we are only human and that we cannot please everyone.

Listen to the song and try and complete the gaps with the correct vocabulary.

What message do you hear when you listen to the song?
Lesson by Caroline Devane

Beyonce Song - Listen to the missing words

Average: 3.5 (28 votes)

Listen to this beautiful Beyonce song and fill the gaps with the correct vocabulary. You only need to listen to half the song to complete this exercise and I’ve given you the meanings of the words (as they are in the context of the song) to help you out. Good luck!
By Caroline Devane

From a Distance – elementary listening

Average: 3.9 (12 votes)

I have chosen a very old song this week by Bette Midler. The song is about how we all need to do more to make sure the world is a safe and happy place. Listen carefully and see if you can complete the gaps with the vocabulary below.
Lesson by Caroline Devane


Penelope Cruz - Listening

Average: 4.2 (18 votes)

Requested by Yura.

Do you remember the lesson English accents? The lesson aimed to give you an awareness of the many different accents that you may hear people speaking in.

You should expose yourself to as many different accents as possible as it is very unlikely you will only hear ‘standard English’ when outside the classroom.

Penelope Cruz is an actress from Spain.

Listen very carefully to the interview and then see if you can answer the true or false questions below.

Music Videos Listening Lesson - Forever Young

Average: 4.1 (17 votes)

'Forever Young. I want to be forever young'. So true...How about you? Would you like to stay young forever or are you looking forward to getting older?

In this simple lesson all you need to do is fill in the gaps with the correct vocabulary. Listen carefully!
Lesson by Caroline Devane

Leo DiCaprio Interview

Average: 3.4 (18 votes)

Leo DiCaprio became one of my favourite actors after I saw him in the film ‘Blood Diamond’.

It is an amazing film, full of drama and suspense and I even studied the story with some of my students at EC Cape Town English school.

This lesson tests your ability to listen for specific words and information. Listen carefully to the interview and then try to decide which word is being said. Then, if you haven’t already, go and watch the movie!

Listening: Michael Bublé - Haven't Met You Yet

Average: 4 (12 votes)

Michael Buble is an excellent singer for those learning English as he sings the lyrics very clearly.

I have written some words, along with their meanings, above the song.

All you need to do is listen and decide which word goes in which gap. Good luck!
Lesson by Caroline Devane

Music Lesson - Bruno Mars

Average: 3.7 (17 votes)

A tip for guys: girls like compliments. You should sing/play this song to them regularly! This lesson is very simple, just listen to the song and put the correct words in each gap. Good luck!
Lesson by Caroline Devane

Music Lesson - I love your smile

Average: 3.8 (17 votes)

Studying can be extremely stressful. You have an essay due in, you need to learn a certain grammar point and at some point you have to make dinner! So here’s a song to make you smile and relax! I think it’s about how even when life is hard, there are always people there who care for you. Of course it still has to be a lesson, but I hope after you’ve completed this you’ll be inspired to find some of your own music that you can wind down to…