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Coldplay: Viva La Vida

Average: 3.7 (18 votes)

Listen to the first three verses of this song and choose which word is being sung.


I like to watch English movies, but they are difficult for me to understand. What is the best way to learn English from movies? Is there a good movie I should watch to help me learn?

Movie Lesson: Love Guru

Average: 2.4 (33 votes)

Business English: video presentation and questions

Average: 4.2 (19 votes)


Movie Lesson - Hellboy 2

Average: 3.1 (26 votes)

 Watch the trailer to Hellboy 2 and then complete the sentences.

Video Lesson 'Batman: The Dark Knight'

Average: 3.6 (26 votes)

 Check out this trailer for the new Batman film and complete the sentences.

Music Lesson - Rihanna 'Take a Bow'

Average: 3.3 (19 votes)

Listen to 'Take a Bow' by Rihanna and then complete the missing lyrics below.


Average: 1.8 (6 votes)


Movie Lesson - Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Average: 2.4 (7 votes)

Watch this trailor for the movie Forgetting Sarah  Marshall then answer the multiple choice questions and finally click on 'show transcript' to read what was said.

Music Video Lesson - Don McClean 'American Pie'

Average: 3.6 (18 votes)