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P.1 - Adult

Find the extra word

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Read the following text. There is one mistake in each of the nine parts.  Each part has an extra word which is not needed. While reading, try and find the extra words and then check your answers at the bottom of the page.

'Holiday from Hell' - reading and vocab match

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Read the following passage about someone's holiday. Then try and find the matching vocabulary.

Our holiday couldn’t have got off to a worse start.

First, the airline lost our luggage so we had to spend the first few days in the clothes we travelled in.

Luckily, there were some cheap shops near the hotel where we could buy some bits and pieces until our luggage arrived.

Affect vs.Effect

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Affect is a verb, although very rarely it can be used as a noun. Effect can be a verb or a noun, so it's  to get them confused.

Try using them like this:

Effect (noun)

A thing that has happened.
'Watching his favourite team lose had little effect on Julian'.

Effect (verb)

To bring about change.
'We will effect changes to business policies from next year'.

Less V's Fewer

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less hair than I used to have.We use less of something with non-countable nouns: 'less sugar, less hair, less time'. You can only have fewer items of a plural/ countable nouns: 'fewer people, fewer cars, fewer shops'.

When to use You're and Your

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You're really means ‘you are’, the apostrophe (apostrophe = ') shows us that the ‘a’ is missing:

"You're really boring. I wish I didn’t have to sit next to you all day.”

Your is a possessive pronoun and should be followed by a noun:

‘Your car, your phone…’

One common mistake is to say, ‘Hope your okay’.

It should, of course, be, ‘Hope you're okay’.