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R.3.4 - interpreting complex sentences

Jack the Ripper Reading

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Jack the Ripper is one of Britain’s most notorious serial killers. He killed more than five women and has remained in the history books due to the fact that he was never caught and so his identity is a mystery! I found this article online which appeared in The London Times on the 10th of August, 1888. I have removed some of the key vocabulary and am challenging you to fit the correct words in the correct gaps.

British Weather Vocabulary – Upper-Intermediate/Advanced

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Read this short story about the British weather.

Friendly Idioms

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I have recently moved in with my best friend. As with many close relationships, we speak in a type of code and part of that code is idioms! I’ve made a list of idioms that are used when we are talking about relationships. Can you fit the correct idiom into each sentence? Good luck!
PS: I’d like to point out that sentence 1 is completely fictitious...obviously!

Lesson by Caroline

Verb Patterns for Upper-Intermediate Students

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When we use more than one verb in a sentence there are specific patterns, e.g. the infinitive to or –ing, that follow the first verb.

Look at this example: "My friend suggested watching a dvd at home, but I want to go out.

The verb ‘suggested’ is followed by an –ing form of the next verb (gerund) and the verb ‘want’ is followed by the infinitive to.

Advanced Vocabulary Game

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In this exercise I’m going to give you a word and two definitions. Your job is to decide which the correct definition is. Good luck!

Link: Which is the correct definition?

Lesson by Caroline


School Subjects

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Here is a vocabulary test with a twist! This test is based on school subjects, but rather than give you a definition of the subject I'm going to give you something that a teacher of this subject might say. Good luck!

School Subjects

Physical education
Maths/ mathematics

What was your favourite school subject? Least favourite?

Which is the correct definition?

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In this exercise I'm going to give you a word and two definitions. Your job is to decide which is the correct definition. Good luck!

When you have finished try writing your own example sentences using today's vocabulary.

Link: Important Forms Practice

Lesson by Caroline

4 July - Independence Day in Boston

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The 4th of July, also _1_ as Independence Day, is coming up this Sunday. It is a commemoration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. This date marked the independence of the United States from Great Britain, and is _2_ a very important holiday in the United States and a day that is celebrated across the country!

Michael Jackson's glove sells for $190,000

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Which word is needed in each sentence? You have four choices for each question.

A crystal-studded glove belonging _1_ the late pop star Michael Jackson has sold at a US auction _2_ $190,000.

The glove, worn during the Jacksons' 1984 Victory tour, was among over 200 items _3_ offer, which sold for just under $1m  _4_ total.

The sale took place at Julien's Auctions at Planet Hollywood _5_ Las Vegas at the weekend.

Word Scramble - food!

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This text is all about my favourite types of food, but I have scrambled up some of the words. All the scrambled words are related to food and cooking. Unscramble them then write them correctly in the box. What’s your favourite food? Can you recommend any recipes to me? Enjoy!

By Caroline