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R.3.4 - interpreting complex sentences

Learn informal English

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Phrasal Verb - Stay

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"Even though it was raining, she wanted to stay out."

Here are some phrasal verbs using the word stay:

Time to improve your vocabulary!

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"By going away to university she's entering a new phase in her life."

Take a look at the following ten sentences and then try matching the words in bold to their definitions below:

TOEFL Questions

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Read through the following ten sentences and choose the correct meaning for each key word:

1 - Excuse me, may I enquire what time your restaurant closes tonight?

2 - I'm happy to let you know that even though the top was loose it stayed on.

3 - They had to restrain the young boy from climbing into the washing machine. He could have been badly hurt.

Culture Lesson: New Year's Eve

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Culture Lesson: Boxing Day

Average: 1.9 (154 votes)

Read the folling information about Boxing Day and choose the correct form for each missing word:

Which sentences have mistakes? part 4

Average: 2.5 (10 votes)

Take a look at the following seven sentences and decide if they have any mistakes or if they are correct.

Click on why below to find out what is wrong with the mistake sentences.

Jason's story - part 4

Average: 4 (9 votes)

Jason's story part 4

Please read part 4 of our story and choose the correct missing words. Some words are linked to the Cambridge Online Dictionary.

How to talk about movies

Average: 3.4 (39 votes)

Read the following piece and choose the key word that best matches the definition:

How to use Reported Speech

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We use reported speech when we want to repeat what someone had previously said.

Let's look at the difference between direct speech and reported speech:

Direct Tomie said = 'I am tired.'