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In the news: Oscar night

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Danny's Piece

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Three Years Ago...

"I didn't do it. I don't like writing", Sebastian muttered sullenly.
Sebastian was a student from Switzerland, and the above was his answer to the question I'd just asked...namely, "Where's the essay I gave you for homework last Friday?"
"It's boring", he added.

In the news: 13-year-old father

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In the news: Australian Bushfires

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Read the following article on the recent bushfires in Australia and then mtach the key-words to their meanings:

Cultural Lesson: Brighton Music Scene

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Very hard for me to understand what these "unidentified objects" represent!

Exchange buildings
"Remote exchanges" or "cabinets" (including "Case Repeater Equipment")
"Subscribed premises"
"manholes", "poles"
"environmentally controlled remote shelter"

"sheltered or below deck conditions on surface ship which travel smootly"


Rolling Eyes The goalkeeper saved the penalty Rolling Eyes

means that who beated the penalty wasn't able to kick the goal?

And what about At Wits End Susan grabbed the jacket At Wits End ?

Thank you


The Year of the Ox: Personality Adjectives

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Culture Lesson: Chinese New Year!

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Read the following information on the Chinese New Year and then match the key words to their meanings below:

About the reading of 01.25.2009

1) "I suggest you get out..."

Is it wrong to write "I suggest to you to get out..."?

2)What's the detailed meaning of "To make your way down the street"?

3)"It is different to the next"

I would have used "different from the next". Is it "different from" right or wrong?

4)What's the meaning of "Don't just take my word for it"?Does it mean "Try yourself"?