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Upper Intermediate reading exercise 'Dracula'

Average: 3.5 (26 votes)

Don't be scared...it's only English!

Read the first few paragraphs of Bram Stoker's Dracula and then answer the comprehension questions below. The introduction takes the form of a diary written by the character Jonathan Harker:

In the news: talking about the environment

Average: 3.8 (25 votes)

'Think globally, act locally.'

How 'green' are you? Are you interested in the environment are you worried about it?

There is no escape from it: pick up a newspaper or switch on the news and you will see countless stories about the environment.

Which sentences have mistakes? Part 3

Average: 3.8 (35 votes)

Decide which of the following sentences are wrong.

Read the following ten sentences and decide if any have mistakes. If you get some answers wrong, you can click on why below to find out what is wrong with the mistake sentences.


Jason's story - part 3: reading, grammar and vocab exercise

Average: 2.1 (13 votes)

'Part 3'

Read the third part of our story and decide which words are missing (some words are linked to the Cambridge Online Dictionary):

Reading for information practice

Average: 3.1 (12 votes)

Read the following tour information about a trip to Rome, then answer the 'True or False' questions.

How to advise someone (not) to do something

Average: 3.5 (19 votes)

Uncle Bob would like anyone who will sit down long enough to listen to believe that he is plagued by the most unbelievable misfortune known to man. Think of any possible problem the universe can inflict upon humankind and you can rest assured that Uncle Bob has been through it and survived to tell the tale. And he will tell the tale. Again. And again and again until you find yourself unconsciously clutching a butter knife with murder in mind.

Put the sentences in the right order

Average: 1.3 (636 votes)


 Read the following joke and decide what is the correct sentence order:


Upper Intermediate reading exercise 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'

Average: 1.6 (178 votes)


'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'

Read the opening paragraph from Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. When you have finished please chose the correct answer for each question:


Correct word-order exercise

Average: 1.9 (218 votes)


Put the following words into the correct order, like this:



You can buy a drink after the performance.

reading information on signs

Average: 1.9 (180 votes)

'Tell us what each sign means'

'BUY THIS!', 'BUY THAT!', 'DON'T' TOUCH THIS!,'DON'T TOUCH THAT!' Everywhere we look we can see signs telling us what to do and giving us information. But what do they mean? Let's find out!

Below you can see senetences taken from nine signs. Choose the correct meaning for each sign.