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T.5 - Shopping

Shopping English: Exchange or Refund

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Would you describe yourself as a shopaholic or do you hate shopping? Do you like to go window shopping on the weekends, even when you have no money. When you want to buy something, do you shop around for the best price or are you an impulse shopper?

Shopping in London Lesson

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Shopping is one of my favourite activities, particularly when someone else is paying for it! London is renowned for its excellent shops and in this city you really can find anything. Different areas are known for different products, you might go to Oxford Street for some beautiful clothes or to Notting Hill for some quirky presents!
Read this article about the different shopping areas in London and see if you can complete the gaps with a correct missing words!

Danny's Advanced Level Reading Practice - Shopping

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Approximately once a month, on a Saturday, my wife and I pack the kids into the car and drive off for a soul-destroying journey through the seven circles of hell…

In other words, we head for the local supermarket to do our monthly shop.

Shopping English

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Are you a shopaholic (a person who shops frequently)? Do you live to shop?

However you feel about it, a little retail therapy (shopping to make you happy) is often a good thing. While you're away on holiday in a foreign country, your family and friends are going to expect some small souvenirs (something you buy to help you remember a holiday/ a holiday present).

Here are a few expressions and words that will make your retail experience a whole lot more enjoyable.

Shop idioms

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Here some idioms which use the word 'shop'.  When you have read the article below, see if you can match the right idiom to the right sentence.

to talk shop

To talk about your job when you are not in work. Usually to discuss business in your free time.

'Whenever I go out with my co-workers we always end up talking shop.'

In the shop: shopping English

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'No, thanks. I'm just looking.'

Take a look at the ten questions and statements below. All of these are useful expressions we use when we are shopping. Try and match the sentences to the situations.  When you answer, use numbers in the spaces below.