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Adjectives to describe the tastes of foods

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'How does it taste?'

How well do you know food adjectives? Take a look at the following list of adjectives which we use to describe food. Try and match the correct adjectives to the correct sentences. As this is a quiz, there is no explanation of the adjectives' meanings.





What is the different between "related to" and "relevant"?

When we said: "Why do you tell me that? there's nothing related to me." or "There's nothing relevant to me?" Confused
What is the different and when should we use "related to" and "relevant"?

What are 'connotations'?

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'I'm not cheap, I'm thrifty.'

Connotations are a feeling or idea that is suggested by a particular word. They give us the emotional connection with words.

Words can be split into 'negative','positive' and 'neutral' connotations.

Let's take a look at some words that appear to be similar, but have connotational differences.

"Make a mess" and "make a mess of..."

Hi, dear friends!
Studing Make Collocation i understand that the meaning of these two combination of words is not the same. The first one is connected to the state of disoderliness and the second one means any damage. For the second case i know that there is an idiom. But i don't understand has "make a mess of" its idiomatic meaning right along? If yes, then is "of" any sign of this idiom? Or may be, as usual there is a lot of exceptions and contexts in any language. Could anybody explain me? Thanks. Tatyana

Upper Int : What are euphemisms?

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'She was happy to hear that there would be no lay offs at her company.'

A euphemism is a word or phrase that we use instead of a more direct, unpleasant word. Euphemisms are used when we talk about difficult subject matters like death, for example.

Can we use word 'hot' as verb

I read the phrase ' hotting up' in Pakistan's prestigious newspaper, 'Dawn' the other day. Can we use hot as a verb instead of heat.

Improve your vocabulary quiz

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Time to learn some new words!

Below you can see ten sentences. Choose the word which has the closest meaning to the key word in each sentence.

Make a note of any new words and try to use them in some sentences. You can use the 'comment' box to write your example sentences.

Cooking verbs

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Fry? boil? spread? stir? bake? grill? whisk?

Can you cook? I prefer eating to cooking. As much as I hate washing dishes, cooking is an important skill because everyone loves a good cook. Today we take a look at 7 cooking verbs. All you have to do is match the pictures to the correct verbs.

The verbs you need are:

Phrasal Verb - 'Bring'

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'We were worried but the doctor was able to bring her to.'

Today we take a look at phrasal verbs which use the verb 'bring'. Below you will find a definition of each with example sentences. When you have finished, try the quiz at the bottom.

bring about

to cause something to happen:

Reading for information practice

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Read the following tour information about a trip to Rome, then answer the 'True or False' questions.