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Storm Idioms: 5 for you to learn

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(noun)An extreme weather condition with very strong wind, heavy rain and often thunder and lightning.

You probably heard the word storm used to describe weather, like in the definition above. Did you know that storm is also used to describe strong emotions? For example:

Listening practice: What's happening?

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When someone asks you 'What do you do?', they're asking 'What's your job?'. You, for example, might answer 'I work for an insurance company.'

Phrases we use when trying to remember something

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When someone asks you a question and you're having a problem trying to remember the answer, you can use these phrases. As you start to get older and your memory starts to go, you'll find these phrases more and more useful...believe me, I'm talking from experience!

It's on the tip of my tongue

This expression when you know something but can't quite remember it. It's usually a frustrating time when your feel like your mind is 'blocking' the word.

'I'm not a ...' 4 useful expressions

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"I am not a MACHINE!!"

English nicknames for places

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Most counties and places have nicknames. A nickname is a second, unofficial name. For example, the nickname for New York is 'The Big Apple'.

Below you will can see seven nicknames; all you have to do is match them up to the correct places.

Does you hometown or country have a nickname? What is it?

Link: Puzzle - Can you read this?

How to use Sarcasm

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How to be sarcastic

Sarcasm (noun) is to say the opposite of what is happening at the time. It is as a type of humour, usually used  to make fun of someone. For example, you see your co-working sitting down reading the newspaper and drinking coffee, so you say: 'Wow! You look really busy!'