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Grammar: Reported Speech

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Today's reading comes from BBC News Wales.

A code of conduct covering areas such as how pupils and teachers in Wales talk to each other on websites like Facebook is being opposed by a union. The NASUWT (National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers) says the new code is not wanted or needed and represents a waste of public money.

Britain's Got Talent: Vocab and Listening

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How to use Enough?

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How to use ‘enough’ with adjectives and nouns – Pre-intermediate

I have £10 and I want to buy this car:

Unfortunately this car costs £100,000

I don’t have enough money. The car is very expensive and I will never be rich enough to buy it.

What do you think about TV?

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Danny Danny's been teaching English at EC Malta for over 10 years.

Countable and Uncountable Food – Elementary Level

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How many slices of toast can you see? Is toast countable or uncountable?

How many pieces of cake can you see? Is cake countable or uncountable?

Decide if these types of food and drink are countable or uncountable:

Lesson by Sam, EC London English languge school

Your English Questions

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Every month we ask our newsletter readers to send their English language questions to EC Brighton's teacher, Tim. Here are the best questions of the month.

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BBC News Listening - President Obama Speech

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Today we're going to test your extended listening skills using a speech made recently by Barrack Obama. Listen to the BBC New's clip and complete the gaps with what you hear.

Link opens a new tab: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-11267062

Can you find the mistakes?

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There are 11 mistakes in this letter, please find and correct them all. When you are finished click on "Show Correct Letter" below.

To Dan,

Hey Dan, how is you? I’m really good, I enjoying London. It is a very interested city. There are so much to do. What have you doing? Do you have some news for me?

I had a great weekend, at Friday I went to Oxford Street and did some shopping with my friends. On Saturday I went to Liverpool street, there are a cool market there. I buyed some clothes. I had a rest on Sunday, I was so tired.

Listen: Dream Your Dream

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This year, one of my goals is to not let my shyness hold me back and always go for opportunities, even if I have to fake the confidence! This song, from the musical ‘Sweet Charity’, is all about having the confidence to dream. As the lyrics to this song are quite easy, I’ll leave it to you to try and hear the missing words.

Lesson by Caroline

Extreme Adjectives

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Are you hungry? How hungry? Very, very hungry? Very, very, very hungry? Are you starving?

Starving is an extreme adjective, it means very, very hungry. We have lots of extreme adjectives in English that are used to emphasise normal adjectives.

Here are nine examples of adjectives and their extreme adjectives.