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Personal Pronouns

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Personal pronouns are the words we use when it is clear who, or what, is being talked about. For example:

"Caroline is going to America tomorrow, she is so excited!"

In this case the personal pronoun is 'she' and refers to Caroline.

The personal pronouns for people are:

Travel Idioms

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There are many idioms in English that include a mode of transport or a verb used with transport. For example:

"This course is really hard, but at least we are all in the same boat."

In other words, we are all in the same situation. What do you think the missing words are in these idioms? Good luck!

Can you write a definition of what each idiom means?

Which is the correct definition?

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In this exercise I'm going to give you a word and two definitions. Your job is to decide which is the correct definition. Good luck!

When you have finished try writing your own example sentences using today's vocabulary.

Link: Important Forms Practice

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Words starting with 'Un'

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When we add the prefix ‘un’ to a word, we give the word the opposite meaning. For example:
Clean - very tidy and neat
Unclean - not very tidy and neat!

In the following sentences, which word beginning with ‘un’ is needed? Use the letters, don't type in the words!

Listening Lesson: Punk Rocker!

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Work prepositions

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We usually use these three prepositions when talking about jobs.

For and At

For and at both have the same meaning.
"I work for HSBC."
"I work at HSBC."

These both show the name of the company.

4 July - Independence Day in Boston

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The 4th of July, also _1_ as Independence Day, is coming up this Sunday. It is a commemoration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. This date marked the independence of the United States from Great Britain, and is _2_ a very important holiday in the United States and a day that is celebrated across the country!

Noun with preposition

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Some nouns are followed by specific prepositions. For example the noun relationship is always followed by with.
E.g. "She has a really good relationship with her mother."

In the following sentences, can you decide which preposition we need to use? Good luck!

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Your English Questions of the Month

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Every month we ask our newsletter readers to send their English language questions to EC Brighton's teacher, Tim. Here are the best questions of the month.

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Linking Words

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