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what is the 'past perfect simple'?

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'They had left by the time I got home.'

When do we use the ‘past perfect’?

When we talk about the past we use the past simple tense:

'He came home.'

When we want to talk about something that happened before this we use the past perfect tense:

phrasal verb quiz...test your knowledge!

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'Break down? Break up? Break in?'

Hi guys! Phrasal verbs...maybe you love them so much you want to kiss your computer, or hate them so much you want to throw it out of the window. However you feel about them, they are very important for you to learn!  Phrasal verbs, at first sight, can seem difficult to understand, however, the more phrasal verbs you learn, the more you will notice a pattern in how they are formed.

Business English: the language of 'business meetings'

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'What time does the meeting commence?'

Upper Intermediate - Advanced: reading exercise

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'The Story-Teller' by Saki

Find the extra word - 2

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'The first man who landed...'

Read these ten short statements. Each sentence has one extra word that is not needed. The extra word is bad grammar. Write the extra word in the space below. Do not use capital letters and be careful with your spelling!

1) I went to home in my new car. I don't have a garage, so I park it in the street outside my house.

Cartoon - English Joke 3

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The key to this joke is hair.

Hair has the same pronunciation as hare, which is an animal similar to a rabbit. So, when the woman tells him he has a stray hair, he thinks she is talking about his rabbit (his hare).

The word stray means 'away from its place.' In this case stray could refer to his hair or the rabbit.


Movie Lesson - Hellboy 2

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 Watch the trailer to Hellboy 2 and then complete the sentences.

talking about preferences - using 'prefer', 'like better' and 'would rather'

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'Which do you prefer tea or coffee?'

question and answer practice

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Answer: "Nothing. I'm fine."

Today we have a matching exercise for you to try. All you have to do is read the questions and answers and then decide which question is the best match for the answer. 

When you have finished try another exercise: Find the mistakes

How to use 'Wh...' questions

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 Where do you learn English?

'Where do you learn English?'

In English there are seven ‘Wh…’ questions.  Here’s what they are and how  they are used:

What is used for a thing.

‘What is it?’